Create Walmart Bank Account: registration without phone number in 2022
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Create Walmart Bank Account: registration without phone number in 2022


Walmart is considered one of the largest chain stores. in the world. It is the lifeline of all travellers in the US.
In the states, it is more famous than anywhere else. The company operates almost 12,000 shops in 28 countries, but in the US it has a supermarket in almost every city. Many Americans shop only at these shops for their entire lives.

The main regions of operation are the USA and Mexico, with a significant presence in Canada, South America, the UK (Asda), South Africa, China and Japan. The company has held the number 1 spot in the Fortune 500 since 2003.

Walmart banking is a fairly well-known investment banking firm that provides loans and money to leading emerging and start-up companies based on their ideas, goals and growth.

Walmart also has its own pretty significant offline and online businesses, such as the Walmart malls and supermarkets that we’re all familiar with.

Because of this, if you have a Walmart bank account, it’s a very good thing because you can get the best benefits to help you save money(which is always good) and make online and offline purchases with your cards, as well as get cashback and other features.

Both Walmart cards(credit and debit)can be used by customers for a variety of purposes, including shopping, paying bills, using special offers and getting credit.


Walmart bank account features

The Walmart Credit Card is a cash back card that can only be used at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. It is designed for those who shop frequently at Walmart. It offers three levels of cashback rewards:

3% Cash Back: All the goods you have purchased at,the orders dealt in grocery store also count.
2% Cash Back: When buying gasoline at Walmart gas stations
and Murphy USA.
1% Cash Back: Consumed in the places where the card is available(essentially Sam’s Club and Walmart).

This card has one very big caveat. It carries an APR of 25.15%, which is extremely high. Provided you keep the same balance on the card month after month, all the benefits of the Walmart credit card due to interest charges can be nullified

Now let’s see how we can create an account!

How to create create walmart account without phone number? 

First of all you need to visit Walmart site, and click this button:

walmart reg

By clicking that, website will redirect you to the registration page, where you need to fulfill the required bars.

walmart reg form

In here as you can see, you need a mobile phone number, to bypass the registration. But what to do, if you don’t have US phone number? THe solution is easier than you can think. All you need to do is just to purchase a virtual phone number. SMS-MAN can help you with that.

How to get phone number for Walmart?

  1. Firstly you need to sign up in SMS-MAN. All what is needed from you is a working email, to pass the verification. sms-man reg
  2. Afterwards you need to select the US from the country list and select Walmart from service listsms-man service
  3. As you can see, button “BUY” needs to be clicked, so you can purchase the number for Walmart.
  4. sms-man purchaseJust as you clicked the button, your purchased number will appear on the top of the main page. Copy it and paste it in the registration form and request for the verification. You can receive the code in our site, just by clicking “GET SMS” button that is in opposite side of your number.


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