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Steam account without phone number

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Someone will say that gaming is the illness of 21 century and someone will say that gaming is one of the most easy ways for relax after hard day. Today I will tell you about steam account creation without using personal phone number

Steam and gaming in a society

Nowadays you may see that computer games sphere grows on your eyes day to day. There are more users in children age category, more in teenager and in adult too. Trading companies and sport changes for the tendentious. Of course you heard about DOTA and CS worldcups. There most popular platform for the games like this is Steam. You should know about it and the system about steam wallet and cheaters that can steal not only your personal information but your money on the wallet too. Exactly for that problem you will need to create a new account with another phone number. I advice to use virtual number.

Creating steam account with virtual number

At first you should to create new email for creating steam account. Let’s look for gmail example.

  1. Go to the gmail web-site and full the information
  2. Choose Turkey on sms-man web-site
  3. Full virtual phone number and push get sms
  4. Now you need to put your new email in Steam account
  5. After that you should verify your mail and come in

    Reason for making a new Steam account

    There are many reasons to make a new steam account with virtual phone number: somebody have stolen your account or you can’t sign in at your and you would like to make a new one but you haven’t phone number. This way very easy and comfortable on my opinion so it will be better to use SMS-MAN SERVICE  for things like that.
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