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How to create fake accounts for any site or application

fake accounts in any service

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in how to create a fake accounts in any service. In this article you will learn about all aspects of using and creating such accounts, do not switch.

What is a fake account?

A fake account is actually an account created by using a fake phone number, email, name or photo. It is almost impossible to call such an account fake, it has full functionality in the application. However, some difficulties may arise when using it.

This article will focus not on what a fake account is, but how and why to use it, which is much more interesting.

fake accounts in any service

Fake accounts: pitfalls

When using fake accounts, you need to keep in mind that if you lose access to your account, you are unlikely to be able to get it back. Identity verification will not be possible, you can use 15 minutes as your email, and things are doubly complicated with phone numbers. On top of that, apps and other sites absolutely do not want to maintain and service fake accounts. This entails waves of bans, repeated texting, confirming your email each time you sign in to your account, and other tricks of moderation to deal with fakes. But all these problems pale into insignificance if you know exactly why you need a fake account.

 How do I create fake accounts?

There’s not much difference between creating a fake account and creating a regular account. Except that instead of your real information, you’ll introduce yourself with a nickname or fake name, put a photo from the Internet, and enter a disposable mailbox.

The only catch is using fake phone numbers, which we’ll cover in this section.

Virtual numbers for fake accounts

Our service provides you with a virtual phone number for account registration, the model of use is extremely simple and concise.

You go to

Register via email, telegraph, google, githab, or twitter.

Replenish your balance in any convenient way. There are cryptocurrencies, bank cards, Stripe and even WeChat/AliPay.

Go to the main page

Here begins the most interesting part. How to use numbers to register accounts?

It’s all very simple and point by point:

You choose the country from which you want to get the number.

Choose a service for which you need a number.

Press the “Buy” button next to the service

At the top of the screen you see your one-time account registration number.

Copy the number and paste it into the registration field of the site/application.

The application or site of the service for which you create a fake account sends an SMS with a registration confirmation code to this number.

Go back to our website and click on “Get SMS” button next to the purchased number. SMS may not come right away, wait 5-10 minutes and try to get it from time to time.

Enter the code you received in the registration field. If SMS did not come in 10 minutes, click “Cancel” next to the number and try to buy a new number by going through previous steps.

Finish your account registration.

At this point your account is created and ready to use. Thus, you can both create a lot of accounts, or limit yourself to just one, everything is in your hands.

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