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How to make Yahoo account without phone number

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Hi all! In this article, let’s look at where you can buy a virtual phone number to make a yahoo account. E-mail as a phenomenon appeared in 1965 at MIT. At the time, it was a simple tool without much protection for the data being sent. Domain names with an “@” sign appeared after the creation of the DNS. Ofcourse There are several protocols that are used to send mail.


This protocol is characterized by the temporary storage of mails, namely until the user wants to read the received letter. This email is downloaded and the original in the mailbox is deleted.


This variant is connected with complete storage of all e-mails on the server. User just refers to the e-mail he/she needs. Now let’s have a look at each of the Internet mailboxes. The entire list is not in order of importance or steepness, when choosing a site look at all of the considered pros and cons of the site.

yahoo accounts: creation advantages

It includes a whole search engine with everything that comes with it. Weather, News and of course the standard mail, without the extra frills. Registration is possible without confirmation by phone number.


Search engine with all the implications


Create email without a phone number on SMS-MAN

In each of the presented options, there is an option to confirm the account with a phone number. You can also use a non-confirmed account, but if you lose your account, it will be much harder to restore it. So to create an account without a phone number, use a virtual number you can buy at Here you can get a number for registration in the services, or take a number for a long lease.

The latter way we will need. But before I tell you how to create multiple yahoo email accounts I would like to say a few words about VPN service.


hideMy.Name VPN service

I recommend the hideMy.Name VPN service. This service has a huge number of advantages in use. At first the connection is made at high speed. Also, it does not fall, when you are already connected. There are a huge number of services and basically they can be divided into 2 groups. Free – often a fraudulent scheme of hackers. Paid – and here everything is not so straightforward. In fact, there are honest services, but extremely expensive. hideMy.Name VPN offers you an adequate price for an annual subscription, with which you can forget about payments for a long time.

How to make Yahoo account without phone number?

To buy sms activation you need to register on our website.

  1. And so, the first thing to go to our site. we need to create an account. this is possible in the upper right corner. click on the registration button. now enter your email and password.
    SMS-Man registration form
  2. Excellent, the account has been created, now move on to the second item – funding. in the top menu, you can see the button “payments”.Go there and specify a convenient way for you to deposit and of course the amount. also just below is the exchange rate for our service.
  3. Now go to the main page. here choose the country and of course the service. if the appropriate service and country are not visible at the top of the list, then expand it. in the search is an opportunity to find the service and country. After you select the country, we need to find the service yahoo and buy a number. you can see it on the top of the site. then go to the site yahoo.SMS Man
  4. finally the easiest thing left is to enter your virtual phone number when you register.Yahoo

Great, now you have a yahoo account without phone number.
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