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How to Delete Badoo Account in 2023

how to delete Badoo account

One of the distinguishing features of dating sites is that people rarely use them for too long. So the question of how to delete Badoo account is on the daily agenda of many internet users. Some of them do not feel at ease when using such platforms while others, on the contrary, have found the love of their life on them and now are ready to move forward. The reasons can be very different. Regardless, they all share the same goal, and in this article, we will explain how to achieve it in 2022.

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Fully delete Badoo account using the mobile app

Unlike some other dating sites this one does not make users go through many complicated stages if they want to permanently leave the platform. Performing this task takes making literally a few clicks. But before proceeding with this you have to log in to your account. There is no way to delete Badoo profile having no access to it. So make sure that you remember your login and password or use the recovery option which can be enabled with a cell phone number as well as an email address. Once ready, do the following:

1. Open your account page and proceed to the settings section.

2. Click on the tab called “Account”.

3. Find and choose the profile deletion feature.

4. Confirm the action.

5. Specify the reason for leaving.

6. Delete profile.

Now you know how to delete Badoo account from the mobile app. There is nothing difficult about it and the whole process takes literally a few minutes. Want to do the same but on a personal computer? Well, in that case, it is even easier.

How to delete Badoo account from the PC?

It goes a similar way when doing it on a personal computer or laptop. You need to log in to your profile on the web version of a dating site, open the settings tab and scroll down opened page to the account deletion option. After proceeding to the next step you will also have to confirm doing this and specify why you want to deactivate Badoo profile once and for all. That is all there is to do in order to perform this task on a PC.

How to create new Badoo account using no personal phone number?

Sometimes it is all about staying private. There are a lot of those who decide to delete a profile because they did use their own phone number for its registration and now do not feel safe about using it as there is always the chance of data hack or leakage. This common issue has a pretty simple and effective solution though. You can just delete the old page and create new Badoo fake accounts with the help of disposable phone numbers. Such numbers have no connections to its user and will provide you with the best confidentiality possible. To get one, follow the next steps:

1. Sign up for the online verification service.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Сheck out the prices, move on to the payment tab and replenish the balance for the necessary amount of funds.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Switch back to the start page and select issuing country for the disposable phone number.

4. On the section with available online platforms choose Badoo.

5. Purchase service.

The next and last step is to use bought disposable number to sign up for Badoo. It works almost the same way that the real one. The only difference is that instead of your smartphone verification code will arrive on the website. To see it press “Get SMS”. So this is how to keep using this dating site and not delete Badoo page if the reason for this is a desire to stay private.

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