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Where to buy a Swiss virtual phone number for SMS verification?

swiss virtual number

Today, most people prefer to use Internet services anonymously without sharing any personal information. The reason is that, in recent years, there were many hacking attacks on all kinds of online platforms, which resulted in data leakages. Naturally, now, Internet users take the security of their data more seriously. And many people do not want to share any vulnerable information on the Web, including their mobile number. You never know which website will be hacked next time. As for web services themselves, they strive to provide the reliable protection of user bases, yet, they cannot warrant 100% safety.

On the other hand, most platforms insist that their users must provide basic information to them for security reasons. This way they strive to limit the number of accounts one person can create.

 Virtual phone number

So, what can a user do to protect his privacy? First of all, one should highlight that most websites will not give you an account without getting your phone number. Still, if you do not want to share it, there is an easy method to avoid that. Turn to the online store Sms-man and get a disposable number. It is intended for receiving one SMS – just to complete registration and phone verification on one website. After that, it is blocked. We offer numbers from about 250 countries at the lowest prices on the market. So, you can buy a Swiss virtual phone number from 16 cents.

If you compare our prices with those of SIM cards, you will see that using our services is much cheaper. And, to be objective, there is no need to waste a large sum on an extra SIM card in case you are not going to use it for any other purposes. In addition, in many cases, to get a new SIM card, you have to overcome technical inconveniences. For example, your phone may be locked, then, you will not be able to install a new card into it without unlocking it.

Instructions on how to purchase a Swiss virtual phone number

Instructions on how to purchase a number

We did our best to make all the procedures as easy and quick as possible:

  1. Create your personal cabinet on our source. For the sake of your privacy, we will not ask you to share any vulnerable information.

Get an account at to buy a Swiss virtual phone number

2. The next stage is to send a deposit.

Deposit your balance to buy a Swiss virtual phone number

3. Afterward, choose a suitable country of a mobile operator.

Buy a Swiss virtual phone number from

4. Then, pick up the source, to which you want to sign up. There is a quick search bar, make use of it.

Select to which service you will link your Swiss virtual phone number

5. After you press “Buy”, the Swiss virtual phone number will be added to your profile. Now, you can copy it and use it for passing verification on the service selected.

6. You can safely use our services for any kind of platform: social networks, dating websites, email sources, online stores. The scheme is the same for any website – enter the number bought in the form, agree to receive a message with a code, and receive it in the tab “Request History” on our source.

You can also get a virtual number for free in the Telegram channel.
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