Dingtone app: standard registration with a virtual phone number
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Dingtone app: standard registration with a virtual phone number

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Because of their “appetite”, mobile phone operators frequently charge sky-high costs for international calls. Family and friends who live in different countries become expensive not only symbolically, but in the literal sense as well. It is also more costly to make calls while you travel or go on business trips.

Dingtone app is a new option for chatting, texting and sharing for no cost! Dingtone gives you the opportunity to make unrestricted free phone calls and send unpaid text messages to any phone number. Calls and text messages between Dingtone users are completely free.

Why will Facebook users appreciate this app? Because the app offers full integration with the social network, allowing you to make free phone calls and exchange messages with your ‘friends’. Moreover, Dingtone has a group chats feature that is rarely found in its counterparts.

A serious drawback of most such applications is the need to install them on both devices (yours and the other party’s) to make calls and use the messenger. The same applies to Dingtone.

In this article, we will look at what kinds of sign-ups there are in the Dingtone app and how to create an account without using a personal phone number.

Dingtone: стандартная регистрация и по виртуальному номеру телефона

How to get Dingtone verification code?

You can sign ip in the Dingtone app and get the code by using this methods:

  • with a phone number;
  • use an e-mail account;
  • with your Facebook account.
  • with the help of a virtual number.

The develop-team of Dingtone themselves recommend you to register with your own mobile phone number, to which you will receive an SMS with the activation code. Friends of yours who also have installed Dingtone will be able to find you by your phone number.

In case If you don’t have a wish to register on Dingtone with your private phone number or there is a need in creating a lot of accounts, the recommended variant would be to purchase a virtual number for Dingtone SMS activation.

Регистрация в приложении Dingtone

Purchase a virtual number to create an account in Dingtone app

It is hard to find services on the Internet that offer to buy a virtual number for registration on the Dingtone because first of all it has risk of scam and the application is not so popular among non-european users.

We recommend you to use our website that provides this service and it’s name is sms-man.com. It can offer you to purchase a virtual number for creating Dingtone apps only for 0,25$. This platform also can help you with getting SMS activation on such popular services as Viber, WhatsAppMiChat, Telegram and many others.

Buy a virtual number to create Dingtone account 

        1. Create quickly a profine on sms-man.com.in few steps sms man create account
  1. Refill your account with methods which are offered in the according tab. All you need to do is go to the “Payment” section.buy number for telegram
  2. Select the country and “Dingtone” service on the main page.sms-man
  3. Click on “BUY” button (It’s on the opposite side to the Dingtone service)sms-man

After the purchasement virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet and will take you to the top of the page. Number is ready for registration on Dingtone. Copy it when registering and request the verification code for it.  After it press the “Get SMS” button. The activation code will appear in the SMS column.

Enter it in the Dingtone application and get a ready account registered without using a personal phone number.

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