How to register multiple accounts Telegram?

How to create multiple accounts Telegram?

Many Internet users wonder how to make Telegram desktop multiple accounts. In any case, for registration on this messenger, you will need a mobile number, to which you will receive a message with a verification code. One number ― one account.

If you want to get Telegram two accounts or more, you can choose between two variants: to purchase one more SIM card or to buy a virtual number. Compared to SIM cards, virtual numbers are dozens of times cheaper, and that allows you to create many profiles for a rock-bottom price. There is no big difference between virtual and conventional mobile numbers. But in the first case, you get a number for temporary use for passing SMS activation on the messenger.

On our website, you can buy a virtual number for Telegram for $0,08 only. So, for this fee, you can register one fully-featured account. But, in general, you can make an unlimited number of profiles using our service

Besides, allows you to register on other popular messengers. We accept deposits via 4 payment systems in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency.

How to make multiple accounts Telegram desktop or app at

If you want to quickly create multiple Telegram accounts, we offer you to use our detailed guidelines:

  1. Open the main page

2. Complete a very simple registration procedure.

3. Deposit your balance using one of the methods offered.

4. Select “Telegram” from the list of available services and click on “Buy”.

5. The purchase is completed. Now, go to the section “Profile” and choose “Request History”. Copy the number bought.

6. Proceed with registration on Telegram. Paste the virtual number into the sign-up form.

7. When the messenger sends you a code for activation, return to the page “Request History” and press the button “Get SMS”.

8. You will see the code within a few seconds. Copy it and paste it on Telegram.

  1. Click on “Next” to finish the registration.

So, you know how to get two Telegram accounts at minimum cost. If you need one more profile, buy one more number in the same way.
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