Create VK account without phone number in 2022?
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Buy an SMS activator for Vkontakte from 10 cents


This platform is considered the Russian equivalent of Facebook, where users create their own page, can interact with friends, publish video and audio recordings, photos, evaluate materials that other people post, and create groups and communities. That’s why in this article we will show how to create VK account with SMS-MAN service.

The founder of the Russian-language social network VK is Pavel Durov. Now the platform is constantly being improved, new promotional tools are being connected so that everyone can comfortably spend their leisure time. The site is available in 90 languages and ranks 6th most popular in the world.

Many people try to find a number for VK (SMS activator) for free. But just think on what basis will someone give you his number for free to register?

If someone offers you even an SMS activator for Vkontakte for free, then it’s either a scam or, in the end, you will have to pay. However why do you take such risks, if you can buy it here for only 16 cents?

Benefits of VK account

  1. Sending a message to yourself – Sending a message to yourself is the easiest way to make a quick note or reminder to come back to it later.
  2. Search for e-books and essays – few people know that the social network “VKontakte” can be used to search for e-books. Just go to the “Documents” section and type in the title of the book you are interested in in the search box. Suitable options will be displayed below.
  3.  Beautiful links to pages and groups – In posts, comments, and any post, links to community pages and users can be nicely “hidden” in words. A simple @ sign is used for this. In the case of a link to a page, it must be followed by the id and then, without a space in brackets, the word, which will be clickable.
  4. Strikeout words and empty messages – “VKontakte” does not allow you to format the text of the message by changing its size or font, but you can use strikethrough characters. To do this, before each letter in the word you need to insert the following set of characters: ̶.
  5. Reading community posts without a subscription – If you want to hide the fact that you subscribe to a community, you don’t have to change your privacy settings. You can read the posts of the community you want even after you unsubscribe from it.

Create fake VK account with help of SMS-MAN (step-by-step instructions):

  1. Open the main page of our site and register.

sms man create account

2. Recharge your account with one of the available methods.

3. Go back to the main page and select VK. Click the “BUY” button. Your purchased number will appear on the top of main page.

VK service

Let’s now register on VK with the purchased virtual number for Vkontakte/VK:

  1. Firstly open VK and fill in the fields (first name, last name, and date of birth).

  1. Secondly enter the number of the SMS activator for VK and click “Get code”.
  2. After that go back to and click on “History”.

4. Click on “Get SMS”.

5. In the column “SMS” will appear the activation code.

6. Copy it and paste it into Vkontakte, press the button “Send code”.

Afterwards we have created a page in Vkontakte with the help of the SMS activator for VK, which you bought for only 12 cents.  If you need another profile – buy another virtual number to register.

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