Buy an SMS activator for Vkontakte for 10 cents

Buy an SMS activator for Vkontakte from 10 cents

On our site, you can buy an SMS activator for VK only for 10 cents. It allows you to register Vkontakte without a phone number and create many accounts. SMS activator VK is a virtual phone number, which allows you to receive an SMS with an activation code and, therefore, create an account Vkontakte.

Many people try to find a number for VK (SMS activator) for free. But just think on what basis will someone give you his number for free to register?

If someone offers you even an SMS activator for Vkontakte for free, then it’s either a scam or, in the end, you will have to pay. Why do you take such risks, if you can buy it here for only 16 cents?

Buy an SMS activator for VK (step-by-step instructions):

  1. Open the main page of our site and register.

2. Go to the “Payment” section.

3. Recharge your account with one of the available methods.

4. Go back to the main page and click select a service.

5. Type “Vkontakte” in the line.

6. Opposite one of the numbers, click “Get”. In the photo below we are buying a number of a Chinese mobile operator.

7. Done, now we have an SMS activator VK. The number is displayed in the tab “History”.

Let’s now register on VK with the purchased SMS activator for Vkontakte:

  1. Open VK and fill in the fields with first name, last name, and date of birth.

  1. Enter the number of the SMS activator for VK and click “Get code”.
  2. Go back to and click on “History”.

4. Click on “Get SMS”.

5. In the column “SMS” will appear the activation code.

6. Copy it and paste it into Vkontakte, press the button “Send code”.

That’s it, we have created a page in Vkontakte with the help of the SMS activator for VK, which you bought for only 12 cents.  If you need another profile – buy another virtual number to register.

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