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Huobi exchange: how to get multiple huobi account

huobi account

Hi all, today you will learn how to get $100 in just 15 minutes, how to create a HUOBI account and what cryptocurrency has to do with it.

huobi account

First introduction to the service

First of all, let’s understand what HUOBI is and what it represents.

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by Leon Lee in 2013. The founder’s earlier place of work, IT company Oracle.

When you first go to the site in an attempt to understand the hype around this platform, you come across a lot of ads. Ads for the site itself. Namely gifts for this or that action. This is primarily due to an attempt to keep the audience from switching to their counterparts. At the same time, the flow of the audience is mainly due to the annually high and gradually increasing competition in the design of the site, conditions, well, and of course, bonuses for new customers. This is why HUOBI gives so many bonuses.

sign up account huobi

How to earn at HUOBI

For registration and first steps fulfillment which will be show in your personal profile, HUOBI gives up to 700 USDT and up to 100,000 SHIB tokens. In addition, 100,000 USDT and 50 BTC are given away daily and monthly.

One of the main ways to earn bonuses is to register your main account, get all bonuses there, and then register fake accounts just for bonuses, not forgetting to specify the referral code of your main account. This way, not only will you be able to get bonuses from the platform, but also from the referral system. In the future, you can also take part in giveaways or contests, which are often held, but it is only your desire.


Registering HUOBI account

Creating an account on a cryptocurrency trading platform is as easy as drinking a mug of tea.

  • In order to create an account, click on the “signup” button in the upper right corner.
  • You’ll need an email or phone number. We recommend that you use your number to sign up, you will still have to verify your account to get the bonuses. If you do not want to use your number, you can buy a virtual number from SMS-MAN. (About this method will be written below)
  • Then confirm your number, by a code, which will come to your phone as an SMS.
  • Your account has been created, then you have to access your profile and follow the suggested steps to get the reward.

Virtual numbers from SMS-MAN

As written above, you can use a virtual number, instead of your own. This is handy when you want to remain anonymous or are afraid of intruders.

SMS MAN is a platform which boasts a wide list of services and countries among which you will surely find something you like. Prices will also pleasantly surprise you, well. If you want to buy many numbers, support can give you a permanent discount on a particular product.

For HUOBI I would recommend using a long-term lease number, so you can confirm all transactions in your account and your account will be more secure.

If your criteria do not include this item, just take a disposable number on the homepage. You can get just one SMS for 20 minutes on such a number, after which you can’t buy it again.

And finally, let’s just talk about cryptocurrency

Now some tokens are experiencing a certain drawdown. Some say that the earlier values will not be. But this is a normal phenomenon. The moment regular fiat currency, or as in this case cryptocurrency, goes down in price. Traders buy it up for cheap, the demand causes the price to go up again.

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