How to get Spain virtual number to create CITA PREVIA account
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How to get Spain virtual number to create CITA PREVIA account


CITA PREVIA translates from Spanish as “advance appointment”. Large live queues are a thing of the past in Spain, and almost all government offices can only be accessed by appointment. For those who did not know, you can sign up electronically at

Especially for immigrants, it is necessary to obtain a CITA PREVIA from the following organizations:                   

  • Migration Service. Helps immigrants to obtain a residence permit in Spain;
  • Police. Conducts fingerprinting, which is necessary to obtain documents;
  • Directorate of Traffic Services. Responsible for obtaining a driver’s license, vehicle documents, traffic fines, and others.

All of these services are practically unrealistic to get an appointment unless you have received a “Cita Previa”, that is, you have not made an appointment in advance.

cita previa

How to use Cita Previa to get an appointment with public services in Spain

In the last few years, there has been a huge flow of emigrants from third world countries to the developed countries of Europe. Spain has not been spared by migration, which has also seen an influx of emigrants.  Most of them apply for various issues in public services, so appointments are jammed in no time.

To get CITA PREVIA on the website you need to enter your cell phone number, to which you will receive an SMS.  There are not many records, so you enter the cell phone number, and in 95% of cases, the record does not pass. That is, you have to go through a lot of numbers to get an SMS.

You do not have to buy a lot of SIM cards and put them into phones. At the service, you can buy a virtual number to get CITA PREVIA for 1$. There is a decent selection of mobile operators from different countries, including Spain. You can buy a virtual number for CITA PREVIA after only a few minutes of your time, which is very convenient if you’re in Spain and you need to get an appointment with one of the services.


To get the long-awaited document to the right service, buy some virtual numbers (20-30), and change them until you get an appointment text message.

How do I buy a virtual number?

To get a virtual number using the service SMS-man, follow all items from the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open and create an account.
  2. Go to “Pay” and make a deposit via your preferred payment system.
  3. Go to the main page and select one of the countries where you want to get a virtual number.
  4. Then, go down a bit and enter “CITA PREVIA” in the search box. When you see the service you want, click on “Buy”.
  5. You can find the number you bought on the home page in the header of the website. Use the number to register your CITA PREVIA account.
  6. When the site asks for a confirmation code, go back to SMS-man and click “get SMS”.
  7. Copy the confirmation code you receive into the required field to complete the registration.

Thus, buy a certain number of virtual numbers and change them around when you receive CITA PREVIA if the past number does not receive SMS.
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