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Buy Gmail account for $0.15


Today is the 21st century and the most part of modern children don’t know about real paper post. Therefore you may underwrite documents by the click of mouse in 2 seconds, that your partners shipped you by Email, that means electronic mail. Like in the other spheres Google is the biggest Email provider in the world and the name of key to this world is gmail account.

Gmail accounts pluses and minuses

In other words, Google made their own place for the social life and work. So you may make some documents in online. Then show it to others in a real time, tables, presentations, share the video and image, save all you want in the google disk. Of course, you may post all of it and add to your gmail for all you want. In nutshell, if you make gmail account it will open all doors for you in a google world. You create google profile for the internet life. Sometimes it can becomes not very comfortable to work and chat and for the personal life by one account. In this situation, you need to get a new gmail account, or create in a bulk gmails accounts. We will look how to do it with SMS-MAN service.

How to get Get gmail account

  1. Go to the GMAIL and tap “create an account”
  2. Full the information. You may imagine and add a fake name for the new gmail account.
  3. Now you need to go to the SMS-MAN service and get the sms for India google account to make account verified by 0.15$

  4. Push “buy” after you chosen country India and then “get sms” to get sms

  5. That’s all! You have verified your gmail account! Congratulations!

Why do you need gmail account

After that, you may use this way not only when you need to get one account but if you need in a bulk too. May be you would like to get accounts for the company you will get sms for all accounts. It’s a good service and I advice you to use it.
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