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Instruction How to delete Telegram Account

Delete Telegram account SMS-MAN

Have a sunny day, everyone, and delicious food for those who eat while reading. Telegram has already become one of the main platforms one wants to use, which we do. But what to do if for some reason you need to delete your Telegram account.

A little bit about Telegram

At one time, the management of Telegram took a large number of users to the platform in time, when several major messengers had malfunctions at the same time. In 2022, the approximate number of users is more than 500 million users. A large number of users are switching from another major platform, WhatsApp. Compared to it, Telegram has better security and has not been seen in major data transfer or leakage scandals. In addition, this messaging platform is actively adding new interesting, convenient, and most importantly useful features.

A couple of months ago, Telegram made a global update with a paid premium version. It added an increase in all of the platform’s limits, additional tools for channel customization, and even new stickers. This update may not be useful for everyone, but at this point we see it as an indication that the developers are not sitting idle.

how to login telegram

What about SignUp on Telegram

At the same time, registering with this service has never been a difficult task. All you need is an ordinary phone number, which receives a confirmation code. This registration system provides relative purity from bots. You can create an email in 5 minutes, and register several hundred accounts a day. It’s possible to get a few hundred numbers, but it won’t be free. In addition, Telegram registration is only possible in the mobile version.


Virtual numbers for Registration

When registering with services, use a virtual number purchased from SMS-MAN. This number will protect you from unwanted calls in case the number is recognized by fraudsters, and will also relieve you from monthly payments for connection. You pay only for the text message or the duration of the lease number.

So, we’re getting to the point that we’ve all been worried about. We figured out why Telegram is so popular, and, of course, how to register an account at this site. Now it’s time to figure out how to delete a Telegram account.

Deleting account

How to delete Telegram account

The reasons why you will want to delete Telegram, we will not touch.
So, to delete Telegram follow these steps:
– Go to the page through your smartphone or on your PC. In case you can’t open the page, turn on the VPN, we recommend using Hidemyname. You can download it from this link – *click*.
– Specify the number to which your account is linked.
– You will receive a code from official bot in personal messages, which you will have to enter on next page in account deletion form.

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– After confirmation, a window will open in which you will have the opportunity to specify the reason for deleting the Telegram account.
– In the last step, you will be asked to confirm again. After that, your account will be completely deleted.

Deactivating Telegram

Self-destruction of the account

Not everyone knows that the social network automatically deletes the account in case you do not enter it for a long time. This feature can be set up:
– Go to “Settings” under “Security.”
– Find the item “Delete my account”.
– In the “If I don’t log in” line, select the period of time that the account will exist in case of inactivity. There are several options: “1 month”, “3 months”, “6 months” and at most 1 year.

Is it possible to restore a deleted Telegram account?

Unfortunately, Telegram does not give you time to think, like TikTok. If a Telegram account is deleted, all correspondence disappears along with it.
The only option to restore the account is to re-register to the same number.
It’s important to understand that when you delete your account, your contacts stay with you, so clean up all your chats before you completely delete your profile.
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