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Buy a virtual Indian mobile number from $0,05

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Indian virtual number will be functional for promoting employment in Asia. With it’s maintenance you can register accounts on social networks, intercommunicate in moment messengers and always stand in touch with partners, colleagues, and intermediaries. However the primary aspect is it allows the user to be anyplace in the world without restrictions in communication.

Service “SMS-man” provides an opportunity to purchase a virtual Indian number from only 5 cents, and we can help you to objectively evaluate all the features and benefits of using it.

Indian virtual phone number with “SMS-MAN” service


India is not only a country with a rich culture and a billion people, but also a dynamically developing state with great prospects. It will be much easier to develop business in the country if the user can get an Indian phone number at his disposal.

Today it is very problematic to get a virtual Indian phone number. But, even if it succeeds, such a number will not work outside India. But it will open up all the prospects for business development.

The user gets unlimited opportunities for communication, but at the same time he does not have to pay for expensive services of real mobile operators.In addition, the use of it does not require a SIM card or any additional equipment. The type of device does not matter either. It can be a smartphone, tablet, or even a computer. The main thing is that the gadget maintains stable access to the Internet.

Virtual Indian numbers from “SMS-man”: service advantages


This will give unlimited opportunities for communication in instant messengers and social networks. The website has a huge selection of services, and there are no restrictions on getting numbers.

The SMS-man service is thought out in detail for maximum user convenience:

  • To replenish your balance, you can use one of the electronic systems listed on the site. Replenishment with bank cards or cryptocurrency accounts is also available.
  • The work of the resource is automated, so the replenishment is carried out instantly and without delay.
  • The cost is not high, therefore India, as a country for doing business, will become more affordable.


In addition, the user does not need to use only one number. On “SMS-man” you can buy several numbers at once to create dozens of accounts, and their purchase will cost quite inexpensively.

Another important advantage of the service is its user-friendly interface. Registration will take only a few minutes, after which the user can buy it at any time . All user data remains anonymous and confidential, and for registration, you just need to specify an email address and come up with a password.

How get fake Indian mobile phone number for sms verification

Anyone can use the “SMS-man” service, because you do not have to take any serious steps to make a purchase.

  1. Register on the SMS-man service, specifying your email address and password.How to buy a virtual Indian mobile number: step by step instructions
  2. Top up your internal account using one of the proposed methods (bank card, cryptocurrency account or electronic wallet).Paying for a virtual Indian mobile number on Sms-man
  3. On the main page  find the service or messenger you are interested in. Write the desired one above the list of countries (in this case, India). After that, click on the “Buy” button.

How to get a virtual Indian phone number from Sms-man

When registering on a site or in a social network, it is enough to indicate the number issued by the service, and a code will be sent to it to gain access to the site.
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