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How to install and use Signal without phone number

How to install and use Signal without phone number

Tired of standard messengers? Switch to Signal account. Read how to register and use the application without a mobile number in this article.

Installing Signal account on your computer

Signal is a universal messenger that you can use on your computer. This makes it much easier to use. While you work or study on your laptop, you have the opportunity to communicate in work chats or with friends without switching to your cell phone. This means that you will not be distracted unnecessarily.

Installing the application on your computer is very easy:

  1. Visit the official Signal messenger website
  2. On the main page, select «Get Signal». The site will give you the choice of installing the application on your mobile device or on your computer. Choose «Download for Windows» or «Download for Mac». Focus on your software.
  3. Once installed, a login window will open to your personal account. In order to access your personal account, you need a mobile device. Scan the QR code and enter the messenger.

Installing Signal account on your mobile device and analogue

Downloading to your mobile device is also very easy. It is similar to the installation on your computer.

  1. Go to the official Signal messenger website
  2. On the main page, select «Get Signal». The site will give you a choice: install the application on your mobile device or on your computer. Choose: «Download on Android» or «Download on iPad».
  3. After installing on the app, log in to the app.
  4. Register using your mobile number.

Signal account registration with a virtual number

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website

  2. Choose the country whose number you want to buy
    For example: USA
    Signal account
  3. Choose a service or platform in which you will register
    In our case we choose Signal
    Signal account
  4. Buy a number of your choice
    After buying your virtual number will be shown at the top of SMS MAN page
    Signal account
  5. Go to the Signal website
    Signal account
  6. Ask for an activation code from SMS MAN
    Once the code is displayed, enter it.

  7. Registration with a virtual mobile number is complete!
  8. Use your new Signal account registered with a U.S. virtual number for only 0.67 $!

Advantages of SMS MAN when purchasing virtual registration numbers

  1. No red tape
    You don’t have to deal with paperwork and paperwork when you buy a virtual cell phone number.
  2. You can buy a virtual phone number without having to buy a sim card
    One of the biggest advantages of virtual numbers is that they’re easy to use and easy to buy. Forget about using a SIM card, you no longer have to torture your phone and take it apart piece by piece. Purchase a mobile number in just a couple of clicks on the SMS MAN website.
  3. You can buy a number for any country
    SMS MAN makes it possible to register for services using numbers from any country. This gives you a broader range of possibilities for work and study. It also allows you to bypass blockages when registering for services that are used outside your own country. In tough economic and political world situations, buying an official and secure foreign number can help you more than ever.
  4. You can buy a number to register with any service
    Today you can face blockages when registering with a Russian number on the same Instagram or Facebook. That’s why the ability to purchase foreign numbers for specific services helps you save time, nerves and money. Bypass all kinds of blockages and quietly register an account.
  5. Buying a virtual number can be for sms-activation for registrations and long use
    You choose how long you use virtual number. SMS MAN provides an opportunity to rent a number for a day, week, month and any period you need. Most of the users buy virtual numbers for quick registration of new accounts. So the cost of the number is minimal.

SMS MAN gives you the opportunity to register with virtual numbers and receive sms for all platforms and services

We’ve already written about how to sign up for InstagramTelegramSteamTinderPayPalGoogleAOLBlizzard, and other platforms.

Your account won’t get blocked, you don’t use physical SIM cards. And you don’t have to worry about the platform banning the use of your personal phone for registrations.

Take care of your time, which you can spend to eliminate blockages, as well as mental health and nerve cells, which are very slow to recover 🙂

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