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How to delete ProtonMail account in 2022

How to delete ProtonMail account in 2022

Is it possible to register a new protonmail account without using a personal cell phone number? Spoiler: Of course it is.

The solution to your problem is a virtual phone number for registration

What is a virtual number?
A virtual phone number is a mobile number that you use to register with services and applications. You buy a number from a verified website, register with PayPal and activate an SMS code through the website.

The registration procedure for the number and registration in the service you want is reduced several times and saves nerves, money and effort. Also, the technical support of the store where you bought the virtual number is with you all the way.

If you decide to delete your ProtonMail account, follow the instructions

  1. Log in to your personal account using your username and password
    In your personal account, select the «Settings» tab.
    If you forgot your old username and password, use the restore function. Technical support service will help you restore the lost data.
  2. Scroll to the end of the page in the «Settings» tab
    The last line of the settings allows you to delete the account. Click «Delete account».
  3. This is not the end of deleting your account
    Next, you need to confirm your actions. A window will open allowing you to write the reason for deleting the account. This feedback is collected by the developers of the application to understand exactly what you didn’t like. You can also leave your email address there. This is useful if you want to restore your deleted account in the future rather than create a new one.

It may take up to two weeks to delete your account. This means that during this time your account may still be active because it’s going through moderation before deletion.

How do you register a new ProtonMail account?

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website
    SMS MAN is a proven service for selling virtual numbers for various purposes. The main reason for selling virtual mobile numbers is to enable users to activate sms codes when registering accounts. SMS MAN also gives you the opportunity not to use your main mobile number for multiple registrations.
  2. Select the country which number you want to buy
    In our case: USA
    new protonmail account
  3. Choose a service or platform you want to register with
    In our case: ProtonMail
    new protonmail account
  4. Buy a number of your choice
    Once purchased you will see your virtual number at the top of the SMS MAN page.
    new protonmail account
  5. Go to the app or service
    Start registering with your mobile number. Enter your virtual number.
  6. Request an activation code from SMS MAN
    Enter the code as soon as it is displayed.
  7. Enter the activation code
    Each service requests it in order to verify that the mobile number belongs to you
  8. Virtual mobile number registration is completed!
    Use your new account registered with a virtual number for only 0.28 $

SMS MAN gives you the opportunity to register with virtual numbers and receive sms for all platforms and services

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Your account won’t get blocked, you don’t use physical SIM cards. And you don’t have to worry about the platform banning the use of your personal phone for registrations.

Take care of your time, which you can spend to eliminate blockages, as well as mental health and nerve cells, which are very slow to recover 🙂

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