How to create second Snapchat account: a detailed tutorial
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How to create second Snapchat account: a detailed tutorial

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Most people think that second Snapchat account as well as the first one can be used for entertainment only. But we don’t agree with it. It has turned into a popular marketing tool long ago. Thousands of large and small companies use it for informing potential customers about their goods and services.

Do you want to take advantage of that opportunity as well? If yes, you are likely to need an additional profile. It is always better to get a separate page for a business so that it does not get mixed up with your personal life. But the problem is that you will have to pass phone verification again. And there is a high risk that you have already linked your mobile number to your first page. Consequently, you will need another one for your second registration.

The possibility to create second Snapchat account without another phone number

It is possible to create two Snapchat accounts without an extra SIM card. On our source SMS-Man, you can buy a virtual number for your second Snapchat account for $0,15 only. So, if you need many technical pages for promoting your main page in the future, you will easily afford separate numbers for all of them as well. Using fake numbers from our store is the most cost-effective solution for those who need multiple profiles on this messenger (or any other).

Using our service is safe, easy, and quick. We provide disposable numbers for receiving a single SMS with a verification code. All of them are absolutely clean. You should not worry that your virtual number is already linked to someone’s account or that someone may get access to it in the future and steal your profile. Our numbers get blocked at once after a client receives a message.

Want to learn how to use our service to register two Snapchat names? See our step-by-step instructions.

How to make a 2nd Snapchat account with a virtual number

How to create second Snapchat account?

  1. To get a virtual number for signing up for the messenger, register on our service.

Register at to make a second Snapchat account

2. Send payment to your balance to start purchases.

Deposit your balance to make a second Snapchat account

3. Select a suitable number on our main page. You can use filters to choose a country and a service.

Buy a virtual number to get two Snapchat names

4. Your disposable number is stored in your personal cabinet – you need to copy it.

Copy the fake number to register a second Snapchat account

5. Open the messenger and start the registration.

Pass registration again to have two Snapchat names

6. Invent and fill in a name. It should differ from that used for your first profile.

7. Then, you will be asked to select a date of birth.

8. Enter a unique username. You can use the name of your company for that.

9. Make sure your password is complicated enough.

10. Enter the disposable number you have bought.

11. Receive a message with a verification code in your cabinet on our platform – press “Get SMS” next to the number needed and the code will appear in the corresponding column.

12. Enter the code to confirm the number and verify an email address.

Right now you have created second Snapchat account. Sure, you can create more accounts as well – do not limit yourself.

Besides, you will probably want to get an extra profile on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or other services.

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