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This article will talk about how to buy a Twitter account, and how to do it without too many problems.

Twitter is a social network popular all over the globe. In 2020, there were more than 330 million users. This platform is the main competitor of Instagram, Facebook, and several other giants of this market. Also, it has a benefit, which is especially important for potential users – the local monetized audience is constantly growing. Consequently, running a business via this source gets more effective and profitable. However, the promotion of goods or services is not the only purpose why one may need to buy a Twitter page. Some users may purchase extra profiles just for communication. In any case, let us discuss the peculiarities of this process.

First of all, you should know that there is an alternative – to register on this social media on your own. Many users avoid that as there is a demand to link a phone number to a new profile. But, if you decide to use our service, that will not cause any difficulties, even if you need a huge number of pages. Sms-man offers virtual numbers for signing up for Twitter from $0,08. The functionality of our website allows buying any number of such online SIM cards. Ad there is an opportunity to select from operators from more than 200 different countries.


Why shouldn’t you buy existing Twitter account?

On the Web, you can find multiple specialized stores. They sell both empty profiles and pages with subscribers. At first glance, such offers may seem to be advantageous. But you should take into account several factors that may cause severe problems for a buyer:

  1. Minimum safety. After you buy a Twitter page, you will have to waste time and effort on changing a password and other settings. You must always keep in mind that a former owner of an account can return access to it if you do not take all the precautions. So, you will not manage to save time.
  2. Absence of any guarantees. The administration of this social network takes every effort to forbid and prevent automated registration. So, it will not be surprising if your new profiles will get banned in a few days after you buy them.
  3. Prices. As a rule, in such cases, prices play a major role. As a rule, it is almost impossible to find ready profiles at a low price especially if one decides to turn to a reputable and proven store. Then, prices will start from about $10.

Yet, you can easily prevent all those problems if you choose a different strategy – you can purchase a virtual number instead and enter it in the registration form instead of yours.

Buy a Twitter account at the store Sms-man

Below, we give instructions on how to make profiles with the help of disposable numbers:

  1. Create a personal cabinet on this service. For that, specify your electronic address and invent a password.

2. You need to deposit your balance to make purchases. For that, use the tab “Payment”.

Make a payment to buy a Twitter account from Sms-man

3. Select a sum and a comfortable payment method. We offer several options to choose from.

Deposit your balance at to buy Twitter account online

4. Go to the home page of our online store. Choose a country of a fake number and a platform (in this case, it is Twitter). Press the button “Buy”.

Buy bulk Twitter accounts at the cheapest price at

5. Now, go to the website of the social network or to the corresponding app. Open the registration menu and specify your name, as well as the virtual number you bought. Then, you will need to go through several other windows, where you will be requested to agree to the rules of this social media and to fill in basic information about yourself.

Pass registration to buy Twitter account with the help of a fake number

6. When you see the window for phone verification. Return to your personal cabinet on our service. There, you will see a notification about the SMS receipt. Press “Get SMS”.

Receive a verification code to buy Twitter account

7. When you see the text of the message, copy the code.

8. Enter the code received into the field on the social network. That will complete the registration procedure.

Enter the code to buy a Twitter account with a virtual number

The method described is a much safer and cheaper alternative to purchasing a profile auto edit or another account of doubtful origin. Sure, you can freely turn to our store to buy bulk Twitter accounts at the cheapest price.

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