Detailed instructions for how to retrieve Google Authenticator key
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Detailed instructions for how to retrieve Google Authenticator key

google authenticator

It is considered one of the leading software developers. Most of the world’s population constantly uses the services of this organization. Specialized programs include authenticator. The service is designed for two-step authentication on various sites. It is implemented as a multi-platform application. It can be installed on mobile and classic operating systems. Quite often, the question arises about how to restore the authenticator. This is not a difficult task that requires you to act according to a special plan.

In this case, you need to create a new profile in the system. To do this, you need to bind a phone number to it. When receiving it, problems may arise, for example, buying a new SIM card. But actually it is not mandatory. SMS-Man offers a virtual number for registration in Google from $0.10. This is the best offer that anyone can take advantage of.

Buy a virtual number for Google authenticator account

How to retrieve Google authenticator key?

The peculiarity of the application is that all keys are not uploaded to the server. It assumes that the required information is on the device itself. The data is stored until the application is removed from the phone, smartphone, or computer. So, this is an important feature that must be considered.

Another thing to notice is that it is not possible if the device is completely out of order. The data must be read physically, otherwise, the process cannot be performed. Some people are interested in how to do it if their phone is lost. In a standard situation, this cannot be done. Even though the system provides many other possibilities for users.

How to retrieve Google authenticator account

Google authenticator key recovery: basic method

The high level of security is a problem when access must be returned. Firstly, let’s take a look at how to do two-factor authentication. Each site will have to resolve the issue on an individual basis. You will have to contact the technical support of a particular service or the site administration. This is the main way to do it when you lose your phone.

When interacting with technical support or administration, you need to provide proof that you are the owner of the account. This is required to do it on a new phone or after a factory reset.

Most often, it is possible to send SMS with a confirmation code to gain access. This is provided for payment systems and many other resources.

Google authenticator key recovery: basic method

How to retrieve Google Authenticator key on a new iPhone?

The iOS operating system has a special backup technique. It bypasses the prohibition on creating backups of this application. For this reason, it is possible to do it. It is enough to go to your “Apple” profile and find the necessary information.

Tips to avoid problems in the future

Simple preparation measures can greatly simplify the task if you have to face such an unpleasant situation. We will not be able to do it, but we will save the passwords if we write them down beforehand.

You cane also take screenshots with QR codes of keys. The app provides similar functionality.

Retrieve google authenticator account after deletion

It is not necessary to search for how to do it after deletion. You can use Yandex Key as an alternative. Here it is possible to create a backup and save it on the company’s servers. By the way, SMS-Man service offers virtual numbers for Yandex from $0.10.

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