How to easily rent or create Facebook accounts in bulk?
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Where to rent Facebook account?

create Facebook accounts

Facebook is literally the most actively used social network worldwide. It serves nearly 2 billion visitors every day. But an opportunity to contact almost anyone is not really the best thing about this service. Such a huge user base makes it a good tool for advertising. You can see that roughly said all products and companies are being promoted there. Experienced marketers know though that it is difficult to properly advertise something with only one account. Getting restricted or banned is a usual thing in this case. Thereby, many people search for platforms that will allow them to rent or create Facebook accounts in bulk by themselves. These resources can be found in abundance online.

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Renting or using a virtual phone number?

It’s been a while since renting option appeared on the market. However, this feature is still popular among internet users. Its main advantage is convenience. There is no need to register anything. Everything there to do is to get an already created account and start using it. But there are also some flaws. First of all, it is not possible to rent Facebook account for really cheap. Most often the price of such a service is high and when it comes to renting multiple profiles cost becomes very tangible. Moreover, it is not guaranteed that the account won’t get blocked in a short time after purchase.

It is much better to create fake profiles with virtual phone numbers. You can use them to sign up for tons of accounts on the most well-liked social networks for the cheapest prices by using services from SMS-Man. Operating those is a way cheaper solution than renting registered accounts. It is also unnecessary to worry that someone will take the profile back. You will be its sole owner.

Virtual numbers also work to create fake Facebook account or accounts. You can get them from mobile cellular providers in more than 100 different countries. On top of that, getting and activating a virtual phone number for registration takes only a few minutes thanks to the user-friendly design of our platform. Just read our guide on how to manage virtual numbers to find out how simpler and cheaper it is than the rent feature.

How to create Facebook accounts with virtual numbers?

Taking advantage of virtual phone numbers is really easy these days. There are just a few simple steps to do. Going through all of them takes no longer than several minutes. With that being said, it is possible for everyone to get Facebook account for advertising purposes right today. Just make sure to follow our instructions below without skipping any steps:

1. Open the main page of the website and sign up for a profile.

2. Determine how many virtual numbers you require and deposit the necessary sum using one of the available payment options.

3. Start obtaining a virtual cell number. The first step of this process is to choose the country of the cellular provider. You can do this on the homepage.

4. Scroll the page to available online services and type “Facebook” into the search bar.

5. Copy the received number and proceed to registration on Facebook.

6. Put your virtual phone number in the line where you fill out your mobile number.

7. Return to our service and click “Get SMS” to see it.

Now just use the received code to create an account. There is nothing more left to do after that. You own a new profile and it is fully operable. Just don’t forget to make it look real before starting the advertising campaign. It is important because the platform easily detects fake accounts and blocks them permanently.

In order to create multiple FB accounts you just have to keep using new virtual numbers over and over again. There are no limitations in this regard. So it is all about your goals and capabilities.
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