How to create Instagram business account in a few steps
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How to create Instagram business account in a few steps

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If you do not know how to create Instagram business account, then use our step-by-step instructions. It describes in detail how to connect and disconnect in a few steps. The number of fans of the social network has already exceeded 1 billion people. An impressive audience of potential customers that can help you promote your brand and its products. SMS-Man will tell you in detail.

How to set up Instagram business account?

You can create a personal business profile through your Facebook account (or through your personal). If desired, the page can be closed (if no content loading is planned). Below is a step-by-step guide.

Step one. The first step is to download the app (if you haven’t already). An important point: the social network does not allow users to publish content on a page from PC. But for Mac users, there are tricks to avoid the ban.


Step two. Iff you already have an account, you can skip this step. Otherwise, go to the application and enter the required data for registration (it is not recommended to use personal email for these purposes). It is important to come up with a suitable username and a strong password. If the company plans to use the app for commercial purposes, the name should reflect the specifics of the business.

How to set up Instagram business account 

Step three. When choosing a photo for a business page, it is important to use something recognizable (if the brand is known – related to the brand). This will help in promoting the company’s product. Immediately after choosing a photo, the network will recommend a list of interesting accounts to subscribe to.

Step four.  Biography for a business page is extremely important because it will allow you to concisely and succinctly show what the company is doing and quickly attract the target audience for product promotion. Keep in mind that the data can be edited, so it’s okay if the bio doesn’t turn out to be perfect right away.

How to create a business Instagram account?

You can switch it to the business version. To do this, go to the profile, then in the menu (upper right corner) and select the Settings category. In Account, switch to the business version.

It is enough to link the business account with the Facebook page intended for the promotion of the company. The last point is to choose the appropriate business category (you can change it at any convenient time).


So, you have learned how to do it. It remains to competently maintain the created page, publishing relevant content.

How to switch off a business account on Instagram?

In this case the step-by-step instructions are very simple:

  • Log into the application using your username.
  • Go to profile (click on the icon in the lower right corner).
  • Then select Menu, “Settings” and “Account“.

How to switch off a business account on Instagram?

  • Switch back to personal account” and confirm your action.

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