How to have multiple Snapchat accounts without phone number
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How to have multiple Snapchat accounts without phone number

snapchat multiple accounts

Snapchat is not only for viewing and creating super funny videos with filters, masks, and other visual effects. It is also an influential marketing platform, which provides access to a huge audience of almost 300 million people.

As of now, many businesses focus on promotion via Facebook or Instagram mainly. However, the popularity and influence of Snapchat keep on growing, so it is high time to become familiar with the benefits it can provide.

But one should highlight right away that, in case you plan to use this social network for promotion, it is better to create multiple Snapchat profiles. If you want your main profile to grow in popularity, you will need at least several technical pages for subscribing to it, leaving likes, writing comments, etc.

Is it possible to have multiple Snapchat accounts? Sure. Yet, there is one nuance – you will need a separate mobile number for each of them. That means significant expenses. However, we know how to avoid them. Read on, and we will give you step-by-step instructions.

How to have multiple Snapchat accounts without buying unnecessary SIM cards?

How to have multiple Snapchat accounts without buying SIM cards?

First of all, you must understand that, if you want to register a page on this social platform, you cannot circumvent phone verification. It is an obligatory step. Yet, our service SMS-Man can help you pass it without wasting money on any extra SIM cards. On our website, you can buy a disposable number for creating an account on Snapchat from $0,15. It is meant for receiving one message with a verification code. Then, it gets blocked. In practice, that is enough for the overwhelming majority of users.

Now, let us discuss how to get such a virtual number and how to pass phone verification with it:

1. Sign up for our service.

Register at to make multiple Snapchats

2. Deposit your balance to purchase numbers for multiple Snapchat login.

Deposit your balance to create multiple Snapchats

3. Choose a suitable number on our home page by applying filters.

Buy virtual numbers for multiple Snapchats

4. Go to your personal cabinet to copy the number for verification.

Copy the fake number for multiple Snapchat login

5. Go to the social network to begin the registration.

Pass registration again to have multiple Snapchat accounts

6. You will need to invent a name for a technical account. Never use the same registration data for several pages.


7. Choose a unique username, enter a suitable date of birth and set up a password consisting both letters and digits.



8. Link a number bought from our store to a new page.


9. Return to your cabinet on our website to receive a code for confirmation.


10. Return to the messenger and enter it.



When you finish the registration, get another virtual phone number and repeat the procedure. Register as many profiles as you need.

Also, read our tutorials on how to easily pass verification on email services, for example, Gmail or Yahoo. You will need that to get additional electronic addresses.

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