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How to use a fake number for Yahoo account?

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An electronic address on Yahoo is one of the most popular choices among Internet users from different countries. This mail service combines ease of use, convenience, vast functionality, and reliability.

One can freely use such an email profile both for managing correspondence and for passing registration on diversified online services: social networks, messengers, online stores, dating websites.

But this service has one small drawback as well – it demands novice users to go through a phone verification procedure. And that is a big problem for those who prefer to stay anonymous on the Web. Today, people are highly concerned about the security of the data they share with any Internet sources. So, most of them choose to hide all their private information.

If you are also worried about confidentiality issues, we can help you pass phone confirmation on this mail service without compromising your privacy. On Sms-man, you can buy a fake phone number for Yahoo verification from $0,05. You can safely enter it in a registration form and be sure that it will be accepted by the system. And, after you receive an activation code to it, our system will instantly block it. So, no one will be able to gain access to it and your account.

How to get a fake number for Yahoo mail registration?

How to get a fake number for Yahoo mail registration?

  1. Register at our store.

Register at to buy a fake number for Yahoo verification

2. Send payment to your balance.

Deposit your balance to buy a fake number for Yahoo account

3. Use a search bar on our home page to choose the most suitable fake Yahoo phone number.

Buy a fake number for Yahoo mail

4. Now, it is reserved for your account – copy it.

Copy a fake number for Yahoo mail

5. Go to the email service and start the sign-up procedure.

Sign up with a fake number for Yahoo email


6. Choose “Create an account”.

Create an account with a fake Yahoo phone number

7. Fill in the form. Enter the fake number for Yahoo email, which you have bought on our source.

Enter a fake Yahoo phone number in the registration form

8. Then, you will need to confirm it via SMS. You can read the activation code on the “Request History” page on our platform.

Receive a code to a fake phone number for Yahoo verification

9. Enter it in the form on the mail service, and your registration will be completed. You can start using your inbox right away.

Sure, you can freely create more than one profile in an identical way. But be sure to get a different disposable number and enter different registration information. Remember that, if the security system of the mail service detects any suspicious similarities between two and more profiles, there is a high risk that the administration will block them.

We would also like to mention that our source can help you pass SMS activation on more than 500 other services, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Look through the price lists on our home page, and you will understand that using our services is the cheapest solution for anonymous registration on any website.

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