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How to get Yahoo virtual phone number for SMS verification


Yahoo verification allows to access one of the oldest and most popular all over the world email services. It offers a full selection of functions for managing personal and business correspondence. However, nowadays more and more people decide to switch to messengers so mainly mailboxes are used for creating accounts and passing identification on various websites. Profile on this platform perfectly suits this purpose. It will be accepted by any online source easily and without any difficulties.

Mandatory mobile phone number verification

If you need a profile on a user-friendly and proven email service, signing up for Yahoo is a good choice. But there is a moment that everyone should know about. Like most other online email services, this one requires people to pass mobile phone number verification to get access to its features. That is imposed due to security purposes. Yet, most potential users feel uncomfortable about it because in the modern age it is strongly associated with serious privacy risks. Everyone understands that no platform can guarantee that its database is 100% protected against any data leaks and hacking attacks.

A simple and convenient solution

Consequently, most people strive to avoid such verification procedures by fair means. Still, there is no need to violate the rules of the platform. We have a simple and legit solution. You can visit SMS-Man and buy a virtual phone number for Yahoo verificationat an affordable price. It works the same way as a real one. Just type it in the signup form and receive the verification code. The only difference is that the message will be sent online to our service, not your mobile phone. After that, access to the phone number is as it is can receive only one confirmation text.

How to pass registration with a Yahoo virtual phone number?

However, if there is the need to get long-term access to a virtual number for registration, make sure to check our rental service. That will allow you to use such a fake number for signing up for multiple websites, as well as restore access to your accounts anytime if needed. For example, with the help of this feature, it is possible to use one phone number to activate accounts on InstagramAmazon, and Tinder at the same time.

How to bypass Yahoo verification with a virtual phone number

This task doesn’t take much with SMS-Man. Just follow step by step the instruction below it will look way more simple  than it looks like at first sight:

1. Firstly, make a profile on our verification service platform.


2. Then deposit funds to buy numbers.


3. Buy a virtual phone number for Yahoo verification from desired country right on our main page.



4. Go to the email service and click “Create an account” button.


5. Enter the received Yahoo virtual phone number in the registration form and request verification code.


After that just click the get SMS button. You can find it right next to the received phone number. Verification code will be revealed shortly under that button. Enter it in the signup form on Yahoo, wait for the system to check it, and start using your new mailbox.

To register more email addresses be sure to get another virtual number for Yahoo verification. Also, it is strictly advisable to invent different registration data so that the security system does not block it. Luckily, at our store, prices start from a few cents, so everyone can afford to buy our virtual numbers in bulk.

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