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How to pass fake Yahoo email verification?

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Even if you never send any emails, you cannot do without a personal electronic address. You will need it for registering on almost any website: from messengers to online stores. So, if you do not have a profile on any email service yet, we recommend you sign up for Yahoo. It is one of the largest email services on the global Web and it provides a full range of features for managing letters and files.

Certainly, for the sake of privacy, you had better avoid entering your real data when filling in the registration form there. With the help of the source Sms-man, you can make a fake Yahoo account and use it for any purpose – for making profiles on any website and for sending and receiving letters.

We offer you to use a fake disposable number for signing up so that you do not need to disclose your real mobile number. At our store, you can buy a virtual number for registration on Yahoo for only $0,05. So, that won’t impact your wallet.

Just enter such a disposable number in the sign-up form along with fake personal data, and you will be able to use the email service absolutely anonymously.

How to make a fake Yahoo email?

How to make a fake Yahoo email?

  1. Start with buying a virtual number – open a profile on this website.

Register at to create a fake Yahoo email

2. Calculate how many fake Yahoo email profiles you need and transfer the corresponding sum to your account. Sure, if you need multiple electronic addresses for sending out promo materials, posting reviews, or any other purpose, you can freely use our service for creating them.

Deposit your balance to buy a virtual phone number for a fake Yahoo email

3. Go back to our home page and choose a suitable number by the website and country of a mobile operator.

Buy a virtual phone number for fake Yahoo email verification

4. Do not forget to copy it from your online cabinet.

Copy the virtual number for fake Yahoo email verification

5. Go to the email website chosen and sign up.

Sign up for a fake Yahoo account

6. Choose the option “Create an account”.

Create a fake Yahoo account

7. Fill in the virtual mobile number and other registration data.

Enter a virtual number for fake Yahoo email verification

8. To see the fake Yahoo verification code text, return to your personal cabinet on our service.

Receive a fake Yahoo verification code text

9. After you finish the verification, you can start using your new electronic address without any risks. Our disposable numbers are accepted by all the sources without any problems.

In addition, be sure to look through the list of other websites, where you can use our disposable numbers. You will probably decide to buy at least a few more numbers from our store. So, read our registration instructions for YouTube, Twitter, Google, and other sources.

With our service, you can easily have any number of profiles on any website. But, if you need more than one fake profile on the same source, be sure to change the names and other personal data you enter so that there are no similarities between your pages. Remember that most platforms automatically check the information entered by users during registration procedures and search for duplicate accounts.

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