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Buy YouTube accounts cheap: a detailed tutorial

buy youtube account

YouTube is considered to be the most popular service for viewing videos in the world. There are millions of channels publishing varied content. Also, there is a paid subscription function, which provides extra benefits, for example, one can turn off advertisements.

Many Internet users have businesses, for which they need to buy a YouTube account. Also, one may need that for personal purposes. 

However, this is not the only method to get a profile on this platform. An alternative variant is to pass registration on your own. The biggest difficulty is the demand to link a number to an account. Yet, you do not need to buy a SIM card for that. The online store “Sms-man” offers virtual numbers for signing up for YouTube from $0,06

Buy a YouTube account with

Why to buy YouTube channel account is a bad idea?

As you know, on the Internet, you can purchase anything. And social media accounts are not an exception. However, experts and experienced users do not recommend making such purchases. Let us name the main problems one may face in the process:

  1. A ban. If you decide to buy YouTube accounts autoedit, afterward, some of them will get blocked. The administration of the service fights against such channels so that people use paid functions offered by the platform itself.
  2. Scammers. You cannot fully trust such sellers as there is a risk that they may give the same account to multiple buyers at once.
  3. Prices. To buy YouTube account cheap is really hard. As a rule, they are offered at highly bloated prices.

A much more affordable variant is to purchase a virtual number instead and to use it to make an account on the video service on your own. That will allow you to avoid all the problems described above. 

How to buy YouTube account with the help of the service “Sms-man”

Below you can find a step-by-step guide with all the necessary details. You will see how to make such a purchase easily and quickly. How to create Youtube accounts

  1. Register at Enter your email address and password in the corresponding lines.

Register at to buy YouTube account cheap

2. Open the tab “Payment”. You will find a link to it at the top of the page.

Make a payment to buy YouTube account cheap

3. You can send money to your account using several methods. Select an optimal one. Specify the sum of the transaction. Note that minimal sum requirements differ depending on the method.

Deposit your balance to buy YouTube accounts

4. You can shop from the home page. There, use filters to select your country and platform. Once you have selected the most suitable option, click “Buy”. In addition, it is more convenient to use the search bar. The cost of fake number to create youtube accounts varies depending on the country of registration.

Buy YouTube channel account with the help of a fake number

5. Now, let us discuss the sign-up procedure. Go to the video service and press “Sign in” in the top right corner.

How to buy youtube account - sign in to the platform

6. Fill in the field offered to move to the next stage.

Pass the registration to buy YouTube account cheap with a virtual number

7. Enter the fake number and press “Next”.

Enter a fake number to buy YouTube account cheap

8. Go back to the source “Sms-man”. There, you need to open the tab “Request History”. Your message with an activation code is already waiting for you. Click on the button “Get SMS” and copy the code.

Get a verification code to your fake number to buy YouTube account cheap

9. Paste the code to finish the creation of an account.

So, we have discussed an alternative way to buy YouTube channel cheap in detail.

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