Viber games download: a review
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Viber app games: how to find, install, and delete them?

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Where to find games supported by Viber. How to install them. A step-by-step guide on Viber games download.

Messengers became more than just platforms for communicating long ago. Now, developers strive to add as many functions as possible to such apps so that it is interesting for users to spend time. This tendency is the key reason why creators decided to introduce games in Viber. As this feature has been presented relatively recently, many users do not even know how to find these games in the app and how to install them.

A review about the most popular Viber online games

A review about the most popular Viber online games

In 2014, the company introduced three applications, which had too many common features with the messenger.

At first, that was a pilot project, which was started in 5 countries. Among them, there were Ukraine, Izrael, Malasia, Belorussia, as well as Singapore. But now they are available to a much more extensive audience. Yet, some regions still do not have access to the utility programs mentioned.

Now, all the users have the opportunity to Viber play games for free. And the most popular choice is Candy Mania – the online adventure where one should pass levels and gather candies together with faithful companions and popular sticker heroes – the cat Legcat and the girl Violet. Viber play games - Jelly Candy Mania Blast

The next option is the exciting game Viber Pop. It offers to make shots at colorful balls.viber games

The third game is the virtual casino with prize machines. There one can play for free coins only.

As of now, the team of the platform is actively extending the catalog. They are adding such games as brain-twisters, shooters, pop analogs, and even a range of gambling games.

The advantages of Viber app games

The most important feature of such games – the absence of any age limits. Besides, a user can enjoy playing both on his own and together with his friends.

The functionality of every game includes an unbelievable number of levels and modes. Users can even send presents to each other and text with friends.

Where to find and how to download games in Viber?

Again, they are available to every user of the messenger. You can get them from Play Market or AppStore. For that, just use the search bar.

Also, we should note that if you use an older version of the messenger, you can find them right in the app. Here is a guide:

  1. Press “Additional parameters”.
  2. Find the tab “Games”.
  3. Choose your favorite one and press “Download”. As soon as it is loaded, you can safely start it.

But to use Viber, you should pass a simple registration. For that, you will need a contact number. If you do not want to disclose yours, you can just buy a virtual number for Viber on our website. Here is a tutorial on how to use it.

How to install Viber app games

First of all, you should download the program chosen from the store. The installation procedure depends on the platform and operating system. However, you are not likely to face any difficulties. The process is easy and intuitive. Besides, it takes no more than 3 minutes.

Viber games download on a computer

At the moment, you cannot access this function of this social network on a computer or laptop. Nevertheless, the administration of the messenger promised to fix the situation and to present analogical soft for computer operating systems.

Viber online games installation on a smartphone

viber games

They will work smoothly on any smartphone. Start with downloading and installing the file, then stick to the instructions below:

  1. Go to the menu of your gadget. Find and start the game.
  2. Afterward, you should link it to your account on the messenger. For that, use the function “Log in with Viber”. That will allow you to play and compete with your friends and other users of the social platform.
  3. The system will require you to allow access to your contacts and user data. In such a case, agree to that.

Additional functions of games in Viber

In addition to standard elements, users get access to several exclusive useful features. For example, there is an option to block notifications. How to do that?

  1. When you are shown a notification, click on it and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  2. Afterward, you will see a list of possible actions. Look through it and choose “Block”.
  3. If you decide to return everything as it was before, go to your blacklist on the messenger and turn off the blockage.

Also, you can turn off the online status:

  1. Go to the menu “More”.
  2. There, you should find the tab “Settings”.
  3. Go to the tab with confidentiality parameters and turn off the function “Notify about app use”.

Viber games how to delete

viber games

It is pretty easy. But you cannot do that right in the messenger. Instead, there are two other options to choose from:

  1. You can go to the tab “My apps & games” on the Play Market. There find the game you want to remove and press the icon with a cross.
  2. The second variant is to use the menu of your phone. For that, find the tab with apps installed, click on the icon of the unnecessary game, and then press the icon of a basket (as a rule, it is located at the top of the screen).

Useful tips about Viber app games

If you decide to delete your account on this messenger, there is no need to worry – you will be able to access your favorite games in any case. The point is that they are stored in the memory of your smartphone – not on the messenger.

One should also note that all the games are available for free. But you should take into consideration that there may be certain language limitations.

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