How to see hidden chats Viber
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Where to find secret chat Viber 2021

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The popular messenger cares about the privacy of its users. Therefore, they created a secret chat, which unauthorized persons cannot read without special access. To use this function, you need to know how to find it and connect it.

How to use Viber secret chat

How to use Viber secret chat

In fact, each of us has our own reasons for secret dialogues in the messenger. Someone resorts to this to hide their lies, someone does not want strangers to know about the details of a business conversation. But whatever the prerequisites the desire to protect the confidentiality of communication remains with everyone. This is especially important if the phone accidentally falls into the wrong hands. And therefore, the question remains very relevant to this day.

It is worth noting that secret chats is really hidden. It cannot be accidentally found and even in notifications to read from whom and what is it about. The notification indicates only that there are new sms and their number. In order to reply, you need to know where to find it.

It will also not work to reply in pop-up dialogue box, since any interaction with it requires specifying a digital code. Without this information, you will not be able to view the chat, as well as its participants.

Step-by-step instructions on how to recover hidden messages on Viber:

  1. First, go to the “Chats” section and find the dialog that you want to hide.
  2. The first way: for Iphone you just need to swipe left and click “Hide chat”, in Android it’s easier – to press and hold the chat for a few minutes, and then a box with the same functions will appear.
  3. The second way: go into the dialogue and click on three dots (this button is located in the upper right corner), then select “Information” and scroll down to the “Hide chat” section.
  4. After clicking on the button, a box will appear in which you will need to specify a pin-code consisting of four digits. By the way, the entered password will be relevant for all dialogs, and therefore it is important to remember it, since recovery is impossible.

To become a user, you need to enter a contact phone number, if you don’t want to indicate your number, you can buy a virtual one on our website.

When choosing a pin code, you should not choose a combination of four identical digits or the date of birth. After all, then it will not be difficult to calculate it, knowing your personal information.

After completing all the steps, only you can read it, after entering the password. All working ways are described in detail below.

How to find a Viber app secret chat

How to find a Viber app secret chat

Users often install the app on all their devices – phone, tablet and PC. But here it is important to remember that you can hide the conversation only on the phone, but on other devices, you will not be able to receive notifications from it.

You can use the search through contacts or the search bar.

The first option will take a lot of time, especially if there are many contacts. After all, you will have to check each one. How to do that:

  1. First you need to open the app and go to “Calls”.
  2. Next, find the “Contacts” section.
  3. And now you need to click on the first subscriber account and select “Free message”.
  4. If a dialog opens immediately. If it is not open, then the system will first ask for a password.

In the second case, everything is much simpler. In order to do it, you should click on the magnifying glass icon and enter a four-digit code. After that, all password-protected conversations will appear.

It will not be difficult to hide the dialogue, but not everyone can find it later. So, they are desperately looking for an answer to the question.

How to access Viber secret chat Android

How to access Viber secret chat Android - enter a pin code

First you need to go to the app and find a button with a magnifying glass icon. In this line you need to specify the password. If there are dialogs, they will open immediately after entering the pin code.

Then it remains to select the desired contact and open a dialogue with. By the way, his photo is not shown in this case; instead, an image of a crossed-out eye appears.

How to find hidden chat in Viber on Iphone

You need to go to the chats section and pull the screen down, the search bar should appear. Enter the code or contact name. If a name is entered, the system will offer several verification options: by pin code, fingerprint or Face ID.

What to do if you forgot the code

It should be said right away that in the app it will not be possible to restore the four-digit combination. It can be changed, but the code should still be remembered.

Of course, there is a “Reset pin code” function, but by clicking on it, you will lose all chats, as well as video and photo content.


This feature allows you to protect it from prying eyes and create an unlimited number of such dialogs. The main thing is to know where to find it, because in addition to preserving the anonymity, it has a lot of other possibilities.

Adding participants

Secret chat is not very different from the usual one. You can add new members to it, as well as block and delete.

Setting up a self-destructing dialogue 

This feature is only available in chats. In order to activate it, you need to go to the conversation menu and click on the vertical ellipsis. There will be a line “Go to secret chat”. Then you should go into it, click on it.

After activating the function, stuff will be deleted in a minute. If this time is not enough, then you can set your own time.

Disabling privacy

It is not difficult to remove the password. You need to go into the dialogue and swipe to the left, find the line “Information” there and click “Make chat visible”. The system will ask you to enter a pin code.


How to delete a secret chat Viber 2021

First, we open an additional menu. This can be done with a simple movement from right to left. At the very bottom there will be a line “exit and delete”.


But initially you should connect to the Google Disk or iCloud service and create a backup. In this case, you can restore correspondence in the app at any time.

We talked about all the ways. Each of them is working and tested.

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