How to remove TikTok privacy settings
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How to change Tiktok privacy settings

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At the beginning of 2021, the app updated its privacy rules. According to the management of the service, this will help create a friendly atmosphere on the platform for absolutely all categories of users (including minors) and reduce the security risks.

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At the same time, the new settings entailed many restrictions for “unprotected categories of users”. The privacy rules especially affected users from 13 to 15 years old, it limited this setting to protect minors. Their accounts were automatically private.

Let’s try to figure out what are the pros and cons of security.

Advantages and disadvantages of private Tiktok account

Advantages and disadvantages of private Tiktok account

Security settings offer many different options, some of which are activated by default, and some are not. Some of them help to ensure the safety of the use by the “unprotected user”, while others significantly limit his ability to interact with the site.


  • spammers and haters will not see the user;
  • the account will only respond to verified activity (selected users and applications).


  • your videos and other activity are seen only by approved users, which prevents the expansion of your circle of acquaintances and connections;
  •  the user’s description remains available to everyone (which may lead to a leak of personal information);
  • exclusion of a user from recommendations;
  • the ability to steal someone else’s video and pass it off as your own on another site;
  • endless annoying notifications;
  • the disappearance of some videos, the reason for the deletion is the safety of underage users.

How do I change privacy settings on TikTok?

How do I change privacy settings on TikTok?

As noted above, it is primarily concerned with the safety of minors. However, in some situations, the use of a large number of privacy settings harms the user’s interaction with the social network and limits his horizons.

We have prepared some useful tips for you to manage your account. But before using them, we strongly recommend that you take several steps:

  1. Enable the entrance using the SMS code instead of the password (saves from password theft);
  2. Disable saving username and password;
  3. Log out of your account on devices that you do not use;
  4. Take care of the security of your accounts in other social networks if you use authorization through them.

After completing these simple steps, you can move on to managing security. What can be disabled in the privacy settings:

    • disable privacy / enable visibility – activate the “Private Account” option;
    • return / remove a profile from recommendations – option “Allow people to find me”;
    • remove the restriction on the range of commentators of your activity – the “Who can comment” option, the “Everyone” option. It will be useful to apply a comment filter to automatically remove messages from haters;
    • allow/prohibit the creation of duets with your videos – “Who can create duets with you” option “Everyone”. If you still don’t want someone to react to a particular video, this setting can only be applied to that video.

How to change privacy on TikTok?

How to change privacy on TikTok?

Situations are also common when users need to tighten the rules. In addition to the actions described in the previous section, the following actions will affect your account privacy:

  • ban on spam in private messages – the option “Who can send you messages” option Friends “or” Off “;
  • ban on downloading your videos – option “Allow download” option “Off”;
  • ban on push notifications – in the settings of such notifications, you can choose which types of activity on the social network you will be informed about;
  • blocking annoying users – open the appropriate account and select “Block” in the “…” settings;
  • hide video – when uploading a new video in the option “Who can view this video” select the option “Private”.

How to change privacy on TikTok - block annoying users

In addition, you can improve the security of your account if you use a virtual number registration. This technique guarantees you 100% anonymity. We recommend the “Sms-man” service, which allows you to buy a virtual number for only 9 cents, which will guarantee your safety on the social network.

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