How to buy a phone number for google? SMS-MAN Blog
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How to buy a phone number for google? SMS-MAN Blog

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Hi! Many of us use google service. We use search engine, google maps, docs, drive, etc. This is a huge company, with headquarters in the USA, and a huge number of employees. Google has been providing its services to us for several years, delighting its consumers. Every year the company’s reach grows stronger and stronger. On a par with Google, you can also give an example of Baidu and Yahoo!

But many of us face the problem of account blocking. This can occur for many reasons, including if you are blocked. But we have a great solution for you, how you can return to any social network, even if you have lost access to your email or phone number. This is an SMS-MAN service. Now I would like to briefly tell you about our service and the services we provide.

Sms-man has a quick, easy, and cheap method for you. At our store, you can buy a phone number for google and indicate it in the sign-up form. You can receive a message with a verification code to it online within a few seconds and successfully complete your registration. Afterward, you will be able to use your Google account to access all the services offered by this company without any risks. At the same time, that will cost you only 5 cents!

Detailed instructions on how to purchase a phone number for google

On Sms-man, you can get a phone number for google in 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for our source.

phone number for google

2. Deposit the sum needed. You can choose any method, which is convenient for you.

phone number for google

3. Pick up the service needed on the main page of our store.

phone number for google

The purchase is completed. Now, you can copy your phone number for google in the tab “Request History”.


How to use a Google virtual phone for opening a profile?

  1. Go to and click on “Create account”.

2. Provide basic information about yourself.

3. Enter your virtual number Google.

4. Open the tab “Request History” and click on “Get SMS”. The code will be displayed automatically within 1-2 seconds.

5. Paste the code into the verification form on Google.

Certainly, you can use our store to buy another phone number for google as you want. Create as many accounts on this platform as you need. Our website is the best choice if you need a large number of profiles, for example, for sending out advertising emails. We offer the cheapest prices on the market. So, opening 10 Google accounts will cost you only 50 cents!

Besides, our service can help you pass verification on Snapchat, ICQ, Tinder, and more than 500 other websites.
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