Get a Amazon account without phone number at a cheap price
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Get a Amazon account at a cheap price

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This online giant feels cramped on the native US market. That is why they are focused on succeeding on other markets as of now. As a result, billions of Internet users all around the world are interested in how to get a profile on this marketplace and how to use it safely. In this review, we will explain to you how to buy verified Amazon accounts from $0,06 with the help of a disposable number.

We should highlight that this solution is much cheaper and safer than purchasing ready profiles with a doubtful history. At the same time, passing SMS activation via such a fake number is much easier than buying an extra SIM card.

Also, you can learn how to register on Amazon without a phone number if you click on this link.

And, before you start studying the instructions below, be sure to visit There, you will find a store offering virtual numbers for sale and for rent. Using this service, you can easily get multiple Amazon buyer accounts or seller pages for $0,06 each. In fact, you can create as many profiles as you want – without any limitations.

Why do you need to buy an Amazon account?

As we are discussing a huge marketplace, it is clear that people come here to sell and order diversified goods. So, here are the most significant reasons why our clients buy profiles on this platform:

  • A seller runs his own business and needs extra technical pages. For example, he can use them to push his products or to organize delivery to his shops with the help of the service Amazon Prime.
  • One uses this marketplace for both buying and selling goods, so one needs to separate these two activities for the sake of convenience.
  • One faces regional limitations. Then, the easiest solution is to get a Amazon account linked to another country.
  • A user has found his Amazon buying account suspended. In many situations, it is better to create a new one.

Certainly, this list is not exhaustive.

Buy an Amazon business buying account or seller profile via our service

Try to compile a list of your own requirements for any service or good, for which you are going to pay. And now compare it with the list below. We are sure that you will see lots of common points.

So, if you decide to turn to our website, you will get:

  1. A top-quality and reliable service. You will receive what you have paid for. No more, no less.
  2. Low prices. It will cost you much cheaper than a ready page with an unknown history or a new SIM card.
  3. Safety. You will not need to disclose your personal data, including your contact information.
  4. Any number of profiles. As many as you need. Do not limit yourself. Making purchases at our store is easy and quick!
  5. Professional customer support. We will really help you in case of any difficulties (however, the risk of any problems is minimal).

Buy an Amazon account: step-by-step guidelines

Below are detailed instructions so that there are no questions left. By following it, you will easily get a virtual number for a profile on the source mentioned, as well as any other marketplace, social network, or messenger. Just take these steps:

  1. Open via your browser. You will easily find the button “Sign up”. Click on it and pass the registration, it is easy and very quick.

Register at to buy verified Amazon accounts

2. At the same time, be sure to look through all the services we provide (the spoiler – in our menu, you will see hundreds of the most popular Internet sources and operators from more than 200 countries!).

3. Then, deposit your balance using the method, which is the most convenient for you. Choose a bank card or bitcoins – we accept all the payment options available on the market. You can buy a US fake number for Amazon for $0,30 only.

Deposit your balance to buy verified Amazon accounts

4. Pick up the country of a mobile operator and choose the corresponding website.

Buy a virtual number to get a Amazon account

5. Use the fake number you have bought for registration on the marketplace in a standard way.

6. An activation message with a code will be sent to your personal cabinet on our website. Enter this code in the verification form on Amazon to finish your sign-up.

Ready. You can use your new profile for any purpose at your sole discretion.

As you can see, our store offers to get a Amazon account in a convenient, affordable, and, most importantly, reliable way. As of today, it is the most optimal solution for registering additional accounts on Internet services. Make full use of it!

Why use a VPN when registering?

Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blockages from sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of getting a verification code. To do this, you need to select the country and IP address that corresponds to the country of the number you register your account with.
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