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Anonymous chat Telegram and Whatsapp

anonymous WhatsApp and Telegram featured

It may seem paradoxical, but despite the variety of multitasking apps in 2022, choosing one app and using only it is hard enough. Everyone uses the same apps as their friends. You could say that there are simply no other options. In this article, we will look at such modern instant apps. We’ll focus on how to protect them and show you how to make those instant messaging apps as secure as possible.

How to send anonymous Telegram message at the maximum level?

Telegram was created by Pavel Durov and his team. It uses MTProto encryption technology, and the main advantage is anonymity. Do you want to remain invisible so that no one knows who you are and where you are from? Well, this is possible.

How to use anonymous WhatsApp and Telegram

It can be enabled with minimal effort on the part of the user. Go to the app settings, we will need the “Privacy” section. Here you need to set the same parameters as in the screenshot which you can see below:

If you need it, then it is best to additionally remove your account from the search. To do this, go to the “Change profile” section, and leave the field where the username is indicated – empty.

These actions will make you invisible to all users. Judge for yourself, without knowing your name and the number assigned to your account, you can’t be found through the search bar. And that’s an entirely different degree.

However, there are some disadvantages. In recent years, bots have become increasingly popular on the Internet, which are able to find a user even with a hidden phone number.

Use a virtual number to get anonymous WhatsApp and Telegram

But they also have their own opposition, namely, register account through a virtual number. The cost of this service is 6-21 cents, and the result of its use is a new level. To do this, you can use the specialized service How to create an account  using a virtual number is described in detail in this article.

Absolutely anonymous Telegram

It becomes simply IMPOSSIBLE to reveal that you are the owner of a particular account.

Add to this one more tweak of the app, and you get a great result. Return to the “Privacy” section and disable searches by number.

Thus, you will completely protect yourself from deanonymization by adding number to the device’s contacts, because in such cases the app informs the user about the availability.

 Observing all of the above recommendations, we can say with confidence that your anonymity will be close to 100%.

How to send anonymous Telegram and Whatsapp message

If you left the username – empty, then go to the “Change profile” section, and register your username.

The messenger is certainly very convenient, exchange of messages, photos, video and sound files, and of course free calls. But, it should be said right away that by default WhatsApp’s anonymity is not very high.

Nevertheless, the APP is quite popular. The secret of your identity, as well as of your correspondence, will be preserved.

How to use anonymous chat WA

It’s worth starting with the main thing. You should not register an account with your personal number, in this case it will not be difficult to protect yourself, but rather even impossible. It will be more productive to use a virtual number to register with WhatsApp. In this case, not a single user will be able to link your identity and the number that the app uses as an account identifier.

We get a virtual number

The whole process will take you no more than 5 minutes:

  • We register on the SMS activation service

Register at to use anonymous Telegram and WhatsApp

  • We replenish the account on the service in any convenient way. Numbers are not very expensive, a number of absolutely any country will cost you no more than 14-21 cents.
  • In the search form we indicate that we want to get a number, and select the country.

Buy a virtual number for anonymous Telegram

  •  It remains only to indicate the received number when registering, and go through SMS confirmation with it.

Thanks to this action, anonymity grows to the required level.

You can also use the channel in Telegram to get a free virtual number and register with it.

Fine tuning anonymity 

You don’t want to leave information that might reveal your identity? Or about when you’ve been online and whether messages are delivered to you? That’s why it’s definitely worth turning on stealth mode and hiding the necessary data:

  1. Hide activity time. In the app settings, you can disable the feature that allows other users to see the time you were last online. To do this, under “Privacy” just select the item “Was (a)” and change it to “Nobody”.

2. Hide information. You need to remove the inscription that is contained in the box next to your name. It is also visible when viewing contacts, and on the new account looks like this: “Hi, I use WhatsApp.” To remove it, in the same privacy settings, go to “Information” and select “Nobody.”

3. Hide your photo. Under “Privacy”, go to “Profile photo” and select the “My contacts” option. This way only your friends will be able to see it.

4. Hide read receipts. By default, after reviewing a message sent to you, the sender can see if you’ve read the message or not. You can remove this feature by going to “Privacy” and disabling “Read Receipts.” Keep in mind, however, that this feature will continue to work in group chats.

5. Disable geolocation display. Through messenger, you can share your location. To maintain anonymity, this is considered unacceptable. To make sure no one can track your location, go to “Privacy”, select “Geo Data”. This way you can make sure that no one has access to your movements.

6. Turn off data backups. If someone gains access to the storage you use, they will also gain access to your correspondence. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you disable the “Backup” feature. You can do this by going to “Backup” and toggling the slider to “Never”. After that, you won’t have to worry about data loss.

Changing these settings will make a big difference!
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