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How to buy a Snapchat account for $0,12

snapchat buy account

Snapchat is an alternative to Skype or Viber, which is popular among teenagers and youth in the first place. However, among its 300 million users, there are people of different ages. In addition to standard functions like texting or making voice and video calls, this platform offers a huge collection of masks and filters for expressing yourself and creating super funny photos and videos.

This messenger is extremely user-friendly. But there is one inconvenience we should warn you about right away – to register on it, you must link your mobile number to your new account.

So, those users, who want to preserve their privacy, choose to buy Snapchat profile. However, most of them do not know about all the related risks:

  • A seller may regain access to an account sold and resell it to another user.
  • Pages, which have been created automatically, are likely to get banned within a short time.
  • If you decide to buy a used Snapchat, you may get blocked due to violations performed by the previous owner.

More to the point, ready accounts are really expensive – from about $8-10 per one. And, if you plan to use this messenger for business purposes, you will probably need at least a dozen of technical profiles for increasing ratings and statistics on your basic page. So, you will need to invest a significant sum in buying them.

Yet, if you turn to the online store Sms-man, we will offer you an easy, affordable, and risk-free solution – to buy a virtual number for signing up for Snapchat. It will cost you from $0,12. And you can use it as a usual mobile number without worrying about any problems with the administration of the messenger.

How to buy Snapchat username?

How to buy Snapchat username at our store?

  1. Get a profile on our source. Just indicate your email address and create a complicated password.

Register at to buy Snapchat profile

2. Decide how many Snapchat accounts you need and transfer the corresponding sum to your account. As we have already noted, our prices start from $0,12 per profile.

Make a payment to buy Snapchat profile

3. Now, you can buy a fake number for SMS verification on our main page. Use filters to choose the most suitable variant – see prompts below.

Buy a Snapchat account for $0,12

4. The number bought is displayed in your personal cabinet – go and copy it.

Copy the fake number to buy a Snapchat account

5. Go to the messenger and sign up.

Register an account on Snapchat

6. Type your name.

Enter a name for Snapchat sign-up

7. Fill in your date of birth.

Choose a birthday on Snapchat

8. Invent a username.

Choose a username for your new Snapchat account

6. Enter a password. Make sure it is not easy to guess.

Set a reliable password to create a Snapchat page

7. Now, paste the virtual number from our store.

Paste a fake phone number to buy Snapchat profile

8. To see the message with a verification code, return to your cabinet on our service and press “Get SMS” next to the number used.

Receive an SMS with a verification code to buy Snapchat account

9. Paste the secret code.

Enter a verification code to buy Snapchat account

10. Go through email verification.

Pass email verification to buy Snapchat account

11. Now, you know how to buy Snapchat account cheap, so return to our home page and look through other platforms, on which you can register using our fake numbers. We can help you with phone verification on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and hundreds of other sources.


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