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How to boost Telegram channel. Relevant for today

telegram promotion featured

The development of the app does not stop for a minute, this applies to absolutely all spheres of its influence in business (Telegram,Viber, for example). Arbitration is included here. Traffic monetization is an important issue. In any case, it all starts with this.

As usual, we will consider the promotion options that allow you to receive traffic. You will have a wide choice. The effectiveness of the methods is different, exactly like the difference in financial investments, or even their complete absence.

Promotion of Telegram channel

There are quite a few such methods, and here is the bulk of them:

  • Organic traffic 

The bottom line is simple, we sort the resources through search engines. Anything popular is suitable. After that, through the administration of the resource, we place an advertisement. It remains only to wait for traffic.

Advertising from such sources works great, the conversion significantly covers the costs. By investing in this type of advertising, you will constantly receive traffic.

There have been cases when, having paid $ 100-150 for advertising on an external resource, an advertiser received traffic for several years. A share of luck is already important here, but the main thing is that the promotion works in this way.

Promotion of Telegram channel

  • Advertising in the channels of the messenger

The method is costly and with a rather limited effect. And yet, if you have finances, then it is worth investing in. Traffic will be provided to you.

Find a channel with a suitable topic and contact the administration. It remains only to discuss the cost and time of advertising.

It’s worth noting that a lot will depend on the quality of your ad post. If it turns out to be weak and does not interest people, traffic will pass by. Fasting should remain subconscious. You will not find a template, but it will be better if it describes all the advantages of your product. The promotion also requires a properly selected audience. People need to know about the product that is recommended to them, to understand why it can be useful to them.

Don’t use clichés in your text. Find fresh and interesting solutions. It is advisable to use invitation links, and for maximum impact make buttons for your posts. Thus, traffic to the channel will arrive in even portions of the interested audience.

●       Telecobra

A program that will allow you to get traffic as easy as possible. Software actions allow you to automate most of the routine actions that usually take a long time. Telecobra is divided into work modules, each with its task. Let’s turn our attention to each module separately, and analyze its main functions. Still, the action of each of them is aimed at promoting the app.


The module requires no special explanation. Gathers an audience by the specified parameters. Both open and closed channels are suitable. App software supports the principle familiar to almost everyone. Add a channel, install working proxies, and filters. The module will do the rest by itself, and you will receive a ready-made file with data, which will be useful for collecting traffic.

Parser for promotion Telegram group


So, Cope with the task of filtering the collected audience by checking the account identifier, namely through the phone number. You will only have those users who are real. In this case, traffic will be of higher quality. It is easy to set up the module, select a folder, a file with numbers, and a file to save the report. To improve the quality of work, you can install good proxies.

Checker soft for promotion of Telegram channel


Generally, by the name, it registers new telegram accounts. In addition, it is capable of inviting users and performing mailings, which in turn has a positive effect on receiving traffic.

For it to work, you need to select the API and enter the key for the SMS activation service. Let’s take the SMS-MAN service as an example. If you are interested in the lowest price for numbers for registering the app, then it is better to use it.You can also rent a virtual number for future registrations on various sites. After registering on it, you can find the API key in any of the sections of your account.

API ключ для регистрации аккаунтов

After entering the API, select the file with the names of the new accounts, and their descriptions. It will NOT be superfluous to designate a folder with avatars that will be installed on them automatically.

Add accounts to the software

After you have done all of the above, it remains to specify the task that will be performed by freshly registered and filled telegram soft accounts. Completing the task will not require much time, everything happens quickly.

Use a reger program for promotion of channel

So, in the soft settings, you can easily find additional blocks, they will help you edit accounts. The software also knows how to wind up views to increase the reach of your posts. This can be an additional tool for making a profit. It will not be difficult to get traffic using all the functionality of the program. With its help, you can even create a separate bot that will delete advertising messages after a specified period time.

Free telegram promotion

The types of such traffic can also be divided:

  • Sending messages to groups
  • Sending messages in PM to telegram users
  • Inviting

To begin with, I would like to show how you can automate each of the types of receiving traffic.

On the network, you can stumble upon all sorts of programs for working with the messenger. But today we will analyze Telegram Soft, the interface of which is as simple as possible. But the potential it provides is more than impressive. Here are all its possibilities.

Free Telegram promotion via Soft

By following the steps that you will see below, you can start telegram promotion. Such a promotion is suitable for some interesting offer and your group.

Registration of messenger profiles

Full automation. Insert the API key of the SMS activation service, already familiar to you SMS-MAN and that’s it. In the case of telegram software, you don’t even need a proxy, it will pull them from the TOR browser.

Promotion channel - registering technical accounts

After registering a sufficient number of accounts, it is better to let them rest for about a couple of days. During this period, you can collect a solid user base for mailings. All usernames will need to be entered into the corresponding file, which you will find in the folder with telegram soft.

The next step will be mailings

So, here you need to choose between inviting to groups, or direct mailing of messages. Direct mailing by chats and private messages has its advantages, and is great for arbitrage and receiving telegram traffic.

It is best to unique the text of messages using the method available to you. Make sure that at least half of the words are replaced with synonyms.

So, Telegram soft is paid software, but you can always try it out using the free trial period.

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