Promotion Facebook page: instructions on what and how to do
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Boost Facebook account: tips and instructions

Facebook creation

It is one of the moodiest social networks of our day. Therefore, promotion cannot be a quick process. However, if you choose the right strategy and take a responsible approach to creating your page, then you can find benefits from your audience in any niche.

Below I have collected the most important tips from design to advertising conditions, with which it will be easier to promote your page.

Facebook Promotion? How to do? 

To promote a company, you need a business page, since promoting a personal account is against the rules of a social network. In addition, the promotion of business pages is more convenient, since it is possible to use the statistics of the network to assess audience engagement, the popularity of posts, and it is also possible to launch advertising.

To create a business page, click on the “Create” panel at the top, and then select “Page”.

How to create and promote Facebook page

Then, using the tips of the social network, set up your company’s website for promotion.

Designing a business page for effective Facebook promotion

The design of the company page is an important element of selling a service since it immediately makes it clear to the client where he came from and what he can get from it. The promotion of a page on your own should start with a high-quality design of a business website. A few tips in this direction:

  • You need to create a cover and an avatar. The avatar is the circular picture on the left. Its creation must be approached responsibly since it is better not to change it later. By the avatar, the company’s clients will recognize your profile. The cover image is the large image at the top of the page and should represent your services. It can be changed depending on the season, promotions, etc. In addition, the cover can be animated, i.e. be in the form of a video file. This will draw more attention to the page from the audience, which will make it easier to promote it.
  • Complete the Information tab. Briefly outline the essence of your business, how the company can help clients fill in the contact information. More detailed information can be entered in the “History” section.
  • It is impossible without creating a recognizable name for your page.
  • Create link buttons. Think in advance about the preferred communication method for your company and your audience, and focus on it.

Facebook promotion on your own: step by step instructions

The step-by-step instructions for promoting independently include attracting as many subscribers as possible, as well as engaging the audience.

Facebook promotion on your own: step by step instructions

In addition to standard methods of attraction (publishing high-quality posts, inviting friends, ordering advertising, e-mail newsletters, recommending a business site by bloggers, etc.), you can use non-trivial methods. For example, creating additional accounts using virtual numbers for greater promotion and attracting the attention of the audience.

The procedure for creating an additional account is described in detail in the article: “How to create a second Facebook business account?“.

It is based on the following principles:

  • Artificial increase in the audience. Business pages of companies with a large number of subscribers on social networks are highly trusted by the audience.
  • Attracting an audience through joining different communities and advertising the company there. Collect subscribers by attracting new friends to each additional account.
  • Formation of positive feedback on the company’s services. Here you are promoting on Facebook on your own as if other people advertise you.
  • Promotion of the audience for action: discussion in the comments, reposts, likes, etc.
  • Creation of interest groups, promotion of the group, and advertising of the company there.
  • Leaving links to the business page in different discussions.
  • Promotion of the company through the dissemination of information about contests, events or promotions.

It is not easy to promote your page with additional accounts. However, if the company’s budget is limited, then such a promotion may well play into your hands and provide funds for further promotion.

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