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How to make a fake Snapchat without phone number

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Snapchat is one of the leaders of the social media market. Some Internet users suppose that this service is meant for sharing funny videos with masks and filters mainly. However, in practice, it provides wide functionality for communication: sending and receiving text messages, making video and audio calls, organizing video conferences, sharing video and photo content, sending locations.

It looks like this social media is definitely worth trying. At the same time, today, many people strive to minimize their presence on the Internet. That is why many Internet users wonder: “Can you make a fake Snapchat?”. Indeed, no need to disclose your personal information when you can register anonymously. You can use such a fake Snapchat profile both just for watching others’ videos and for posting your own ones. It is up to you to decide whether to enter your real data or not. If you want, you can give a link to this page to your friends and use it for texting or making calls, there are no limitations.

By the way, it is also an easy solution for those, who use this social network for promoting their businesses and need technical pages.

How do I make a fake Snapchat profile?

How do I make a fake Snapchat profile?

First of all, you will need an extra phone number since this platform requires phone verification. Obviously, in case you want to stay anonymous and protect your privacy, it is not advisable to use your real mobile number. That is why our online store Sms-man offers you to buy a virtual number for Snapchat. Sure, you can just get an extra SIM card for that purpose, but a disposable number from our service will cost you from $0,12. So, you can save a significant sum by turning to us.

Now, we are going to provide precise instructions on how to create a fake Snapchat page:

  1. Get an account at our online store.

Register at to create a fake Snapchat

2. Deposit your balance by a bank card or via an online payment service.

Make a payment to buy a virtual number for a fake Snapchat profile

3. Select a virtual number from any country you need regardless of your real location.

Select a virtual number for a fake Snapchat profile

4. The number is yours – so go and copy it from the page “Request History” in your personal cabinet.

Copy a virtual number for a fake Snapchat profile

5. Get the Snapchat app on your phone (if you haven’t downloaded it before) and initiate the registration.

How to open a fake Snapchat profile

6. The system will ask you to enter your name. You can invent it if you prefer anonymity.

Enter a name for a fake Snapchat profile

7. Choose the date of birth.

Choose a date of birth for a fake Snapchat profile

8. Create a nickname.

Choose a user name for a fake Snapchat account app

9. Invent a complicated mix of letters and digits for a password.

Invent a password for a fake Snapchat account app

10. Enter the virtual number you bought.

Enter a virtual number to create a fake Snapchat

11. A message with a code will arrive in the tab “Request History” on our website. Copy the activation code.

Receive an SMS online to create a fake Snapchat

12. Enter the code received.

Paste a code to create a fake Snapchat

13. You will also be required to pass email verification.

Verify an email address to create a fake Snapchat

Your registration is finished, and you can start watching videos and creating your own ones without any restrictions. Your new profile provides access to the entire functionality of this messenger.

Also, look through the list of other websites available. There is a good chance that you will decide to get a disposable number for Instagram, Twitter, or another messenger as well.

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