How to buy a virtual Chinese phone number at an affordable price
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How to buy a virtual Chinese phone number at an affordable price

virtual Chinese phone number


There has always been a big demand for a virtual Chinese phone number. The reason is it allows you to sign up on platforms that don’t accept phone numbers from other countries. Such as QQWeChatWeibo, and many other famous websites that operate mainly in China. You can create an account on all those and other well-known online platforms from there using our platform. SMS-Man provides such a feature a pretty cheap and affordable price while getting it takes not more than a few minutes. Anyone can create as many accounts as they need with minimum effort.

Buying a virtual Chinese phone number is simple

Our platform is convenient and user-friendly, so there is no chance to face any difficulties while using it. Even if you have never dealt with virtual phone numbers before. Everything works automatically without the need to use additional programs or specific soft. You can turn to our source in any situation regardless of a day of a week or time.

Conveniently, you are not required to provide any personal information. To start using the service it is required to complete a simple registration procedure using an email address or an account on one of the few social networks. That will preserve your privacy and anonymity.


You can pay with Russian rubles, dollars, or cryptocurrencies. In addition, there are a lot of payment methods available. For example, MasterCard/Visa, Coinbase, Payeer, AdvCash, QIWI, and others. Our convenient system of payments allows people from any country to become our clients. There are no restrictions or something.

Why should you get this service on our platform?

Every platform has its advantages. We have been working hard to accumulate all of them in one place to provide our users with the best service. Just look at our achievements:

  • Low price. On our platform, one verification costs around $0,10.
  • A big choice of applications. You can get an account on all Chinese websites without any exceptions.
  • Easy to add funds. Users can pay via numerous methods, including bank cards and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Providers from more than 250 countries. You can choose at your sole discretion to which country your disposable number will be linked.
  • Super quick service. Since our source operates automatically, receiving verification messages takes a few seconds regardless of the time of the day.

To summarize the above, if you need to create an account on any app from China fast and at an affordable price SMS-Man is exactly what you need!

How to buy a virtual Chinese phone number on SMS-Man?

We have created simple and detailed instructions so you do not encounter any difficulties or problems while completing this task. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Jump to and create an account.


2. Select a convenient payment method and add funds to the platform.


3. Choose the correct country for a number on the homepage.


4. On the same page find the necessary service.

5. Click the buy button to receive a Chinese virtual phone number.

Enter it in the registration form of the chosen application and request a verification code. Everything that is left to do after this is to click the get SMS button to reveal the received text message. It will appear on the same page. Use it to create an account and get access to the desired application!
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