Buy a Bangladesh virtual number for SMS verification from $0,11

How to buy and use a Bangladesh virtual phone number?

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As you probably know, most websites require their potential users to disclose their phone numbers and verify them. And, at first glance, there is nothing risky about that as this information is stored in personal cabinets only – it is not available to other users. But, in practice, when you share any information via the Internet, you cannot count on any confidentiality. Just recollect how many hacking attacks you have heard of recently? In fact, there is no guarantee that your number will not be published on open access. That is why it is advisable to avoid sharing any vulnerable data with any sources.

Then, how to pass registration? Should you buy a separate SIM card for passing verifications on the Web? That is a logical and reliable solution. But it has a significant disadvantage – a high price. So, Sms-man has a better variant for you. At our online store, you can buy a Bangladesh virtual number from $0,11 and safely use it for passing registration and SMS verification on a website selected.

How does that work? See our instructions below to learn more.

How to use a BD virtual number?

  1. Create your account on our source. That will take you just a few seconds. The registration on our website is anonymous as we know how much you value your privacy.

Get an account at

2. Afterwards, deposit your account and proceed with purchases.

Make a payment at

3. Find the list of countries on our home page and choose a suitable variant.

Purchase a Bangladesh virtual number from

4. Now, you can select to which service you want to sign up. You can choose any of the available 500+ options.

Choose for which source you will use your BD virtual number

5. Copy the Bangladesh virtual number you bought from your personal cabinet – you will find it on the page “Request History”. On the same page, you can receive a message with a code – just enter the number in the registration form on the service selected, agree to receive a message, return to your personal cabinet at our store and click on the button “Get SMS”.

Copy your Bangladesh virtual number for SMS verification from your personal cabinet at

Please mind that, after you receive your verification code, your BD virtual number will be blocked. So, no one will manage to get access to it and to your new account. If you want to get more than one profile on some source, just buy more disposable numbers for it – at our store that will come cheap. In fact, our prices are the most affordable on the market.

More to the point, on our website, you can buy temporary numbers from operators from other countries as well. Among the most popular choices, one should mention Korea, China, the USA.

Buy a Bangladesh virtual number for SMS verification from $0,11
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Buy a Bangladesh virtual number for SMS verification from $0,11
Do you need a Bangladesh number for registration on some website, but do not want to use your real one? Get a Bangladesh virtual number for SMS verification from our store for $0,11 only!
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