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How to use Telegram without phone number in 2022


Telegram today is the safest and one of the most popular messengers. Unfortunately, it is not quite clear what to call this tool: a messenger or a social network. In fact, any user can create a telegram channel and gain an audience. Let us assume that it is still a messenger, as officially written in wikipedia. Speaking of telegram channels, the competition in telegram is now very high. Thousands of users create new channels on various topics and try to gain subscribers. But every day it becomes more and more difficult. That is why some resort to the method of sending messages through a fake account. But like many other messengers, telegram needs to have a phone number tied to the account. So in this article I will tell you how to create a telegram account without a phone number.

Using telegram without a phone number

Surprisingly, it is actually possible to use telegram without a phone number. You will ask “how to do that”? i will answer and tell you how to use our sms-man service. We provide a service for purchasing virtual phone numbers. For example, you need to get a telegram verification code. To do this, follow this simple algorithm.

  • Go to homepage of our site.

buying telegram without phone number

  • At the top you will see the corresponding button to create an account. Click on it, and you will get to a new page with a registration form.


  • Here you will be asked to enter some information, just enter it in the appropriate fields.

sms man create account

  • Here you can top up your balance in any way convenient for you. You can choose the payment method, amount and currency.

buy number for telegram

  • Here you can see a list of available countries and choose the one you need.

create telegram account without phone number

Well, now you know what to do on our site. but that’s not all. you need to create a telegram account. now I’ll tell you what to do next.

telegram functions

before I tell you about telegram accounts without a phone number, I also want to talk a little about telegram functions.

  • Channels. You can make your own Telegram channel to get followers. It’s the same as your YouTube channel, but with more features. You can record videos and voice messages. You can also upload videos and get views and reactions from your fans.
  • sticker packs. create stickers from pictures and photos of your friends. it’s absolutely free. and most importantly – the number of sticker packs is not limited by anyone or anything.
  • encryption. new encryption technologies. telegram is considered the most secure.

creating multiple telegram accounts

and so, to create a telegram account, let’s follow a few simple steps.

  • Here we see a very nice website and funny ducks. as well as painted reasons to use telegram. you will be prompted to download the telegram app on your phone or pc. but you can also choose to use the web version of telegram. i will show you an example of the mobile version.
  • I downloaded the app. Here you see a “start messaging” button. I click on it and I, as a Telegram user, am prompted to sign in using a qr code. not me, not you are not interested. you have to choose to sign in using your phone number.
  • You will see your phone number on our site. copy or paste it here.
  • Now let’s get ready to receive sms. turn on VPN. before receiving sms I recommend to press the appropriate button, otherwise sms will not come right away. now click on our site get sms.
  • receive sms and insert it in a line.

you have created a new account with a virtual phone number for telegram.
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