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How to use a fake phone number for YouTube registration

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YouTube is the most popular internet video hosting platform all over the world. Millions of users watch videos of all kinds there daily. It is also the main source of income for a lot of people while for some others it is a place to promote their products. However, registration on that service requires users to pass mobile number verification. You can go through this process using your personal number but most likely it will leak out in case of a data hack so there is a safety risk. In order to strengthen security, it is better to create YouTube new account with a fake cell number which is also a good solution for registering multiple profiles. Read our article to find out how to get and use one.

How to obtain a fake phone number for registering a YouTube new account?

There is no need to go far to do this. SMS-Man has been working in the virtual telephony industry for more than five years and offers the opportunity to obtain fake cell numbers for receiving confirmation codes from various services. It is relevant for YouTube verification as well. Getting a fake number for completing this task requires completing a bunch of simple steps and does not take longer than a few minutes. Here is how it works:

1. The first thing to do is to register at

SMS-Man register

2. Then deposit funds to the balance with a suitable method of payment.

SMS-Man account recharge

3. Now go back to the front page of the service and select the fake number parameters. You need to choose the country of its issue as well as the YouTube verification option.

virtual number for creating YouTube new account

Everything is left to do at this point is to press the purchase button. As a result, you will receive a fake cell number that is set up to receive OTP from YouTube and thereby can be used for registration on this video hosting. Now let’s see how to use it in order to create YouTube new account.

Using a fake number to complete YouTube verification

You need to copy the purchased number before starting this task. It can be done through the homepage or request history tab in the personal cabinet on SMS-Man. Once ready, proceed to the instruction below to create a fake YouTube account within a few minutes:

1. Open the profile registration page on YouTube via the official web page or mobile software.

create YouTube new account

2. Proceed to the new account creation stage.

create YouTube new account

3. Fill in all the fields and move on to the next step.

create YouTube new account

4. Enter a previously obtained fake number and request a verification code.

create YouTube new account

5. Click the “Get SMS” button on SMS-Man to reveal the message.

receive OTP for YouTube verification

After pressing the mentioned button there will appear a verification code. Use it to verify identity and register a new profile. You can obtain an unlimited amount of fake numbers. There are no restrictions on this so it is possible to create multiple YouTube accounts without the need to get extra SIM cards that are much more expensive.

Benefits of buying a fake mobile number for verification from SMS-Man

Those who are new to this virtual telephony thing may think that there is no difference between SMS verification services. But that is not true. Every platform offers users services at various prices while their quality also differs. SMS-Man provides the cheapest opportunity to create a YouTube new account with a fake number. Though apart from the lowest prices on the market there are also some other significant benefits of our service to notice. Their list includes:

  • Quick and confidential registration process;
  • Complete automatization;
  • User-friendly design.

Moreover, there are available fake numbers in more than a hundred countries while the list of supported websites and apps exceeds a thousand. You can also get a long-term number instead disposable one. So it is not only cost-effective but also the most multipurpose solution among competitors.
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