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How to Use Shopify without a Phone Number?

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Today, there is no need to hire an outsourced developer and a designer to launch an online store on the web. It is because you can use specialized platforms for building websites with blocks by your own efforts like Shopify.

So, what is Shopify, why is it so popular on the Western market, and is it possible to register an account without providing your real phone number? Let’s travel over these questions and features of the application in today’s article.

What is Shopify

What is Shopify & How to Use it?

Shopify is one of the leading global trade platforms and a website block constructor founded in 2006. Its original goal was to enable entrepreneurs with a tool to create an online store with no coding and web design skills.

Moreover, with Shopify, you will not have to spend time on looking for a hosting and a domain name from providers on the side. The platform offers a large library of templates and various blocks. So that building a great optimized website on your own with it is a matter of a few days.

Answering the question «How to use Shopify?», it is wise to say that the platform significantly simplifies the process of launching an online store and saves time for fulfilling many tasks.

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Among other things, its functionality includes:

  • Customized visual themes. With that, you can set up a unique and professionally looking online store reflecting your brand image.
  • Control panel that allows you to reach features from creating a store to placing discounts in one touch.
  • Shopify Payments which is Shopify’s proprietary payment system. When you create Shopify account, using Shopify Payments, you will not have to pay for transactions.
  • App Store Shopify with 9000+ addons that expands your store’s functionality. So, you can create loyalty programs and lists of favorite goods. Besides, you can integrate accounting software and many marketing applications for increasing the average check and website conversion.
  • Integrations with Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Etsy, so you can promote your goods via various services.
  • Live View analytical system that allows you to monitor website’s visitors, traffic, orders, sales, etc.

What is Shopify’s Dropshipping?

Along with other ecommerce platforms, Shopify offers the dropshipping option to its customers. This means that you do not need to have a physical warehouse to store the sold goods, since delivery lies on the shoulders  your suppliers. They physically process orders and ship them to customers. As for you, the task of promotion and attracting new clients is up to you.

What is Shopify in terms of delivery options? You can view and configure delivery methods in the Shipping and Delivery settings of your store. General delivery rates for all goods are available or separate custom shipping rates for individual groups of goods. They are calculated, depending on the weight or price of the order.

Adding products from suppliers to your store can be done in two ways: through special applications like Oberlo, Muit or manually.

If you have a specific supplier that you work with and buy some goods only from them (let’s high-quality), creating a separate Shopify shipping profile for this cooperation will ease the process. This makes sense only if you are adding products from your suppliers manually. After creating the shipping profile, add goods, then select the address of the supplier who provides these goods. After that, set the delivery rate.

Well, after we have learned some nuances of the platform, let’s figure out how to start a store on Shopify.


How to Register an Online Store on Shopify?

To launch a store on the platform, you first need to create Shopify account. The platform provides a 2-week trial period during which you can test its capabilities. Next, you will need to purchase one of the paid plans. There are three options: Basic for $29, Shopify for $79 or Advanced for $299 per month.

After registration, to create a store, you need to fulfill three steps in the Shopify editor: add goods, build a store page, and connect your online store to your domain.

First, to add a product, you need to fill out the product card: name, description, other product characteristics, and also add an image. Then, to design a storefront of your store, you can choose the default «Debut» template or any other that suits your idea.

As for the domain, you can buy a foreign domain right in the administrator menu. If you want to connect a domain from your country, you need to send Shopify your DNS registrar or transfer the domain to the platform yourself.

After adding the domain, you are ready to sell goods and set up promotion campaigns.

How to create Shopify account without a Phone Number?

To protect your store and admin panel from unauthorized access, the platform also recommends setting up two-factor authentication. This means that when logging into your Shopify account,  your identity will be verified via two separate methods. First, with a standard login-password pair, then using an authentication application, a security key, or an SMS message.

If you are someone who prefers setting up 2FA via mobile numbers, you need to know that not to leave your real data on the web, you can always use a temporary phone number for Shopify’s account verification. The obvious solution is buying an extra SIM card, but here is another one which has some benefits over the first one. We are speaking about online-based temporary virtual phone numbers.

Purchasing such a virtual phone number from SMS-man requires no passport data or other documentation, increasing your privacy and anonymity on the Internet. Moreover, they are both geo-independent, allowing you to register from any of 156+ supported countries, and hardly traceable. Though, they are not recommended to be used for illegal actions.

Obtaining a phone number for Shopify via our platform is a matter of up to 10 minutes and will cost you $1. Buy a one-time number for single usage or rent one for registering multiple accounts in one or different global platforms and applications.

Shopify without a Phone Number

Here is a few step tutorial to buy a virtual phone number for Shopify verification:

  1. Set up an account at with an email address.
  2. Top up your account balance.
  3. At the tab “Receive SMS”, select country and application. Click “Buy SMS” near the application icon.
  4. Copy the number from the “History” section below and apply it for a Shopify account.
  5. After attaching a phone number, get back to SMS-man and request a code by clicking “Receive SMS”.
  6. Use it to finalize the process.

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