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How to Use Match App without a Phone Number?

Match App without a Phone Number

Let’s start with, what is Match? Match is a solution for users who seek companionship and love across the Internet space. This dating application can bring people together in their searches for love, relationships, business partnerships, etc. Match has been live since the 90s, so it’s a true pioneer in online dating.

Millions of users, plenty of communication functions, stability & security—all of that is a part of modern Match. The application does not lose to competitors like Tinder but has several nuances worth considering, which this article will do, answering the question ‘What is Match?‘ detail-wise.

Match dating app

Match Benefits & Features

As users start using the application, they are going to be asked about gender preferences, relationship status, height, weight, width, education, faith, location, etc. Most of this is optional, yet it’s a part of Match filtering system, searching for people with common interests & values.

The users can add catchphrases containing what they’re currently doing, or some random question, or whatever. The phrase appears in their profile to let others know how to start. What is Match additional customization like? Up to 26 profile pictures can help increase your popularity.

So, how to find someone here? Upon completing the profile, the users can check a selected list of users whom they can like or skip. If both parties exchange their likes, they can contact one another and eventually pick a go-to place for a date. 

What is Match com App

Match Accounts Plans

Match lets visitors connect with others even if they haven’t left a like, but it depends on the account plan chosen. What is Match paid tariff selection like? There is one free and two paid types of account, that you can submit for 3/6/12 months and offering standard or premium plans:

  • Free: Share unlimited likes plus message the users with the most fitting preferences even if they don’t like you.
  • Standard: The same features as Free plus one can view who liked & viewed them, and send messages unlimitedly.
  • Premium: The plan offers the same features as Standard plus lets users view ‘read receipts’, increases popularity via Monthly Boost, adds infinite rewinds, and gives weekly Super Likes, putting the user above others in the recommended match list.

So, is Match a good dating site? If you know how to use it properly and try not to violate their rules, the application will help find friends & love. There is no swipe section, only the list. This can attract visitors who are done swiping right or left on Tinder with no result.

Registering on Match

The signup process for Match includes several steps:

  • Pick among the given options to tell who you’re looking for
  • Set the preferred age
  • Add a Zip code

Then, confirm your birthdate, full name, and password. In the next stage of Match registration, they’ll start asking personal questions about how tall you are, partner preferences & desired qualities, body type, habits, favorite places & more. 

You can also choose from various prompts, used to break the ice in conversations. The last steps involve adding profile pictures and choosing the account type (Free, Standard, Premium), and the required verification by number. As you complete Match registration, you can use the fully.

They say all communication between users happens in an anonymous network and the information is not published openly. Still, this amount of data and a phone number needed for Match registration compose a dangerous mix that can hurt badly if this data gets lost. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to submit real information about yourself, and the mobile information can be faked using a virtual number. 

Virtual Number to Create Match Account

Virtual number is a tool used widely across privacy lovers to register in apps that require this piece of info. Since you won’t be charged for using this, and it’s completely untraceable, the virtual numbers can be a valuable replacement for traditional ones. 

SMS-man allows you to create Match account using two different options: the number for rental and for a one-time sale. The first one includes an unlimited supply of verification messages for 1000+ services; the second option means only one SMS, fit for account registration purposes. 

virtual phone number from sms man

How to use Match with a virtual message? Consider this guide:

  1. Sign up on or use your Google+ account to join.
  2. Open the “top up” page on the screen and deposit money through it.
  3. Choose the service and select the country, then click “buy SMS” for the desired service.
  4. Add the virtual number to “Histroy” section and make a copy of it.
  5. Use the number to complete the verification process on Match.
  6. Return to your profile and click “receive SMS”.
  7. Use the code you received to finish the registration process.

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