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How to Use Uber Eats without a Phone Number?

Uber Eats without a Phone Number

Uber has achieved global recognition with its unique taxi service, allowing ordinary people to give a ride to their clients and get paid while using the app for communication. Over time, Uber launched numerous additions to their taxi app, including Uber Eats.

What is Uber Eats, specifically? This is a food takeout service from nearby restaurants & dineries. You can request doorstep delivery, ask them to bring a meal for several people, or schedule a moment. They connect hundreds of cities in 29 countries in Asia, Europe & America.

What is Uber Eats

What is Uber Eats Main Advantage?

Uber Eats serves as a middleman between customers who want to eat from the comfort of homes without cooking, and local/franchise restaurants selling dishes outside their premises. The app is available for users who have undergone Uber Eats registration on Android, iOS and the website.

The partner list of Uber Eats includes restaurants from 29+ countries from which the customers can choose desired dishes & schedule a time. There is a restaurant search based on keywords such as “French” or “sushi”. Advanced filtering by price, location, cost or specific restrictions has also been added to simplify navigation.

What is Uber Eats scheduling option? Uber Eats allows users to specify a future delivery moment or ask the driver to complete the order ASAP, thus giving the freedom of choice. The chosen time affects the order’s total price, along with the restaurant’s location and city. Most orders support free delivery if the value reaches a certain amount.

Food can also be brought to groups, an option for parties & offices. One can send a link to others for easier monitoring and order management. This feature has lower rates per person. Both individual and group orders can be closed and refunded if the restaurant hasn’t yet accepted the order.

Uber Eats app

Takeout Organization

Now, what is Uber Eats in terms of the takeout organization? They have an affiliate program resembling that of Taxi app and letting each member become a driver. When an order appears, a notification attempts to reach users who can approve or reject it. The fare is split between the driver and the app in favor of the former.

There is a membership subscription they call Eats Pass, which removes commissions and provides 5% discounts on orders over $15. This is beneficial for regular users, but not for one-time visitors. That’s all for functionality concerns. Now what is Uber Eats signup like?

Uber Eats Registration Process

You can’t use Eats as an authorised user, certainly. Creating an account resembles many competing services. They don’t ask too much data: just your name, email and an active phone number, which you verify via SMS message. The app also needs bank credentials for taxi & delivery fares.

Uber and Uber Eats operate under common safety rules and terms of service, so after finishing the Uber Eats registration procedure, you also receive an account on Uber Taxi. This practice increases comfort for customers and Uber alike, and ensures stability or the network.

Numerous online solutions ask for either email, phone number, or both. That includes Uber, who uses them to contact users or block them for violating the TOS. Yet this is problematic. It means sharing valuable data pieces, open to spam and stealing by third-party organizations.

Can you use Uber Eats without a phone number? The answer is yes. You can add a fake mobile number with an active SMS inbox, like a virtual phone number created automatically using third-party software by SMS-man. This is a fresh technology, so let’s discuss it below.

Virtual Phone Number for Uber Eats

Virtual numbers prevent anyone from reaching you even in case of theft, because they usually cannot receive calls. They are great for things like Uber Eats registration, asking for SMS verification. You don’t need to take any extra action to sustain them, and you won’t even need to leave your PC to obtain them.

They can have any codes, you can register in the forbidden apps, SMS-Man sells the single number or entire numbers for up to 4-month rental.

virtual phone number from sms man

To create new Uber Eats account, try a one-time option:

  1. Join with an existing account or Google+.
  2. Find the “top up” button and deposit some funds.
  3. Select the country and service (Uber Eats).
  4. Near the service button, click “buy SMS”.
  5. The purchased number will appear in your settings.
  6. Copy it and use during registration.
  7. When it’s time to receive the code, click “receive SMS” near the purchased phone number for Uber Eats.

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