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Need to buy a virtual US phone number to receive SMS for registration?

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Do you want to use an online service based in the United States, but do not have a SIM card registered in this country? No problem, at our store, you can buy usa virtual phone numbers and use it for verification on any service, including Google Voice, PayPal, Amazon. That will help you both circumvent limitations related to your country of residence and protect your privacy – you will not have to share your real phone number with any websites. Keep in mind that no website can guarantee you 100% protection of your personal data from hacking attacks or unauthorized access. So, you had better use our services when signing up for all online platforms. Sure, you can also buy a separate SIM card for that, but that will cost you dozens of times more.

Why should you order virtual US phone numbers?

First of all, our source sets the cheapest prices. They start from $0,08. The exact price will depend on the service, for which you want to sign up.

Also, we guarantee that your registration will be successful. You can be sure that the usa virtual phone numbers for SMS verification bought from our source will be accepted by any service. After you receive your message with a code, your number will be instantly deactivated. So, you do not need to worry about the privacy of your new account. No one will get access to it except you.

At the same time, we should note that, on our platform, you can buy disposable numbers for more than 500 varied websites: social networks, dating sources, online wallets, popular marketplaces, etc. So, be sure to turn to us every time you want to register on a new source.

We can safely claim that Sms-man is the number one choice for those, who want to get a fake number at the cheapest price and without security risks.

How to use a virtual US phone numbers for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, or other sources?

Making purchases on our platform is absolutely easy. It will take you just a few seconds to cope with that. Here are step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Get a profile at

create a stripe account

2. Deposit it so that you can buy a virtual US phone number for verification.

create a stripe account

3. Go to the home page and choose a country of a mobile operator.

create a stripe account

4. Select a suitable service. If you do not see it in the list, use the search bar.

5. To use the number for registration, copy it.

6. When creating a profile on the website chosen, enter it in the form instead of your real one.

7. Then, return to the “Request History” tab and receive a code.

These are universal instructions, which will work for any online service.
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