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A Russian virtual phone number: how to get it and how much does it cost?

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Do you need a disposable number from a Russian mobile operator? It can be safely used for registration on varied services. The service Sms-man offers to buy a virtual Russian phone number for about $0,05. It will be sold in automatic mode. However, if you have any questions, you can use our online chat or feedback form to get in touch with a manager. He will gladly provide you with exhaustive explanations and clarifications in online mode.

Before you make your first purchase, take into account these two peculiarities:

  1. We serve clients in all countries without any exceptions. The key condition is that you should have access to the Internet.
  2. Our numbers are not intended for making calls. They are used to receive messages only.

The advantages of buying a Russian virtual number from our store

The advantages of buying a Russian virtual number from our store

When creating our service, we strived to take into account all the requirements and needs of our users. We offer a wide range of benefits to clients:

  1. The advantageous pricing policy. At our store, you can get a Russian virtual number for Whatsapp or another website for about $0,05. These terms are much more attractive than those offered by our competitors.
  2. A wide selection of services. We offer disposable numbers both for sale and for rent.
  3. An easy-to-use interface. Our website is intuitive and oriented towards our clients’ needs. And, if you face any difficulties, our manager will instantly help you solve them.
  4. Several payment variants. You can choose any, which is the most convenient for you. This allows to easily make a purchase without any commissions. You can use varied currencies for payments.
  5. 24/7 customer support. On our website, you can get a consultation and purchase a fake number at any time both on weekdays and weekends.

We keep on constantly developing and improving our service so that it meets our users’ requests and demands.

How to get a Russian virtual phone number?

Although the interface of our online store is easy to understand and convenient, we suppose it is important to provide detailed instructions. To make a purchase, you need to pass through several steps:

  1. Go to the home page of this website. To get a personal cabinet, you need to sign up. So, fill in the corresponding lines. Then, pass through a security check and prove that you are not a bot.

SMS-MAN registration

2. The next stage after registration is to deposit your balance. You should take into consideration that we provide disposable numbers for a fee. A minimum payment sum is $0,14.

payment method

3. Now, you can proceed with purchases. To receive a virtual Russian phone number, choose the corresponding option from the list on the home page. You can save time by using the search bar.

select Russian Federation

4. In the next window, you can choose a service, on which you want to activate an account. That is a convenient function, which allows avoiding extra difficulties. You can select VK, Odnoklassniki, WhatsApp, or any other website.

select VK

5. Now, you have a fake number at your disposal. You can find it in your personal cabinet.

History of Purchase

Again, you cannot use it for making or receiving calls – only for receiving one message. To use it for SMS activation, go to the website, on which you want to register, and enter it in the form.

To receive an SMS with a code, go back to the tab “Profile” on our source. You need to find the page “Request History” again. You can receive all messages to all your disposable numbers right there.

A virtual Russian number from Sms-man

Our company offers a convenient system of online support. It will not take you much effort or time to use our platform to register on Avito, Odnoklassniki, and other sources. We guarantee that your personal data will be securely protected. Our services are available to both private and juridical persons. You can get as many disposable numbers as you need without any restrictions.
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