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How to delete business chats in Viber permanently?

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Messenger Viber offered users an innovative development: business chats. But there are cases when you need to clear chat content Viber.

Almost two years ago, messenger Viber offered users an innovative development: business chats. This is a convenient solution for those who have an incredible number of contacts in their subscribers and receive tons of newsletters from partners. Not everyone appreciates this innovation and is looking for ways to disable or even remove the business chat in Viber. How to delete business chats in Viber permanently.

First of all, you need to understand, what is a business chat? This is one special separate folder, where various invitations, drawings, promotional offers from stores, restaurants, and cafes arrive.Бизнес-чат в Вайбере

The newsletter does not flicker among chats, does not distract from the work process and at the same time does not get lost among contacts. The application independently organizes, receives and sorts messages from companies and services.

Before you delete a business chat in Viber, think about it – maybe you shouldn’t rush.

Some users do not tie their Viber account to a real SIM card, but use a virtual mobile number. Service “Sms-man” offers to buy a virtual number for Viber for only $0.11. Payment for the order is accepted not only in rubles, but also in dollars and even cryptocurrency. There is an opportunity to rent a number. In addition to Viber, you can register with more than 500 services on favorable terms.

How to create, use and delete business chats in Viber

There is always time to delete the business chat in Viber on Android, you need to initially understand what kind of platform it is. Anyone can use Viber for business purposes. To do this, you need to create a group, provide it with a special icon and sign it. Select from the list of contacts those whom you want to invite to the created channel.

Group members can create and share any content, send each other messages, and select an administrator. Up to 1 million people are allowed to join the group.

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How to clear chat content viber a business chat?

Sometimes a user has a need and googles how to delete in vyber business chats completely. Why this happens:

  • Irrelevant content;
  • erroneous subscription;
  • the information is no longer interesting.

You can delete a profile from your phone and computer. If you plan to eliminate business accounts in Viber from your phone or tablet, you should know that the modern version of the application does not provide such an option. What to do? To delete business chats in Viber, you can download earlier versions of the software.

There are 2 ways to remove unnecessary accounts.

Method 1:

  • find the folder with business chats;
  • click on it and hold it for a while;
  • In the window that opens, select the “Clear All” command.

Method 2:

  • go to the folder with business chats;
  • click on the image of the basket;
  • confirm the selected action and click “Yes”.

Thus, you can get rid of only the correspondence that exists at the moment. If the brand sends a message again, the dialog box will pop up again. To clear everything, before you delete business chats permanently in Viber, unsubscribe the brand.

Before you clear chat content in business chats in Viber, how do I unsubscribe from a brand?

A Viber user who receives messages on the mailing list from a brand automatically agrees to receive emails from that brand.

Unsubscribing is done in a couple of clicks:

  • Go to business chats.
  • Choose an account to unsubscribe and click on it.
  • Click the exclamation point that appears.
  • Click “Disconnect Dialog.”

The company will no longer be able to send you new messages. If you decide to renew your subscription, go back to the dialog with the company and click “Subscribe.

How do I delete business chats in Viber for PC?

clear chat content viber

The latest versions of the desktop application also have a feature such as business chats. How to permanently delete business chats from your computer in Viber.

Method 1:

  • Select the desired chat from the list and right-click on it;
  • In the window that pops up, select “Delete” and confirm.

Method 2:

  • Enter the chat room with the business account;
  • in the place where the information about the sender is located, select “Delete”.

The innovation from Viber, related to the formation of separate folders for promotional notifications, began to cause concern from brands: people will begin to search more often how in Viber to delete business chats forever, and eventually they will suffer the fate of the Google folder “Promotions”.

In reality, everything is not so tragic. It is estimated that the “Promotions” folder is not checked by users as often as advertisers would like it to be. The developers of Viber claim that after the innovations, the statistics sagged by a maximum of 5%. There is also an opinion that a separate folder has a lot of undeniable advantages:

clear chat content viber

It is easier for customers to search for interesting offers, there is no need to scour through all the conversations and chats.
The user doesn’t feel threatened by personal space and is more loyal to promotional mailings.
If you have decided to delete the business chat in Vyber on Android, think again. Perhaps you will thus miss something necessary or interesting from your favorite community.

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