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Where to buy a cheap fake phone number for Amazon?

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Do you want to try selling or buying via Amazon? Then, you will have to pass through registration and verification procedures. Namely, if you want to use this marketplace via a mobile app, you will need to enter your name and contact number, as well as your email address (but that is not obligatory). Obviously, this method enjoys bigger demand as, today, most people access the Internet via their mobile gadgets. As for registration via a website, in such cases, potential users are requested to specify their names and electronic addresses (while entering a phone number is also recommended).

In this article, we will focus on signing up via the mobile version of Amazon as it is more popular. We will explain to you how to make a profile on this platform anonymously, i.e. without disclosing your real contact information. That will protect you from varied privacy risks, for example, from receiving spam or from seeing your personal mobile number published on open access.

The online service Sms-man offers you to buy a fake number for Amazon from $0,06 and enter it in the sign-up form instead of yours. Sure, you will be able to receive a message with a verification code to this number as well. It will be displayed in your personal cabinet on our website.

How to use a fake Amazon phone number for registration?

How to use a fake Amazon phone number for registration?

  1. Register at our online store Sms-man.

Register at to buy a fake Amazon phone number

2. View our prices on the main page and transfer the necessary sum to your balance.

Deposit your balance to buy a fake Amazon phone number

3. Select the most suitable fake Amazon number on our main page. You can choose any mobile operator, regardless of your real location.

Purchase a suitable fake Amazon number

4. Now, download the Amazon app to your smartphone.

Download the app and register with a fake Amazon number

5. Start the app and press “Create an Amazon account”.

Create an account with a fake phone number for Amazon

6. Enter the fake phone number for Amazon which you have bought. You can find it in the tab “Request History” in your cabinet on our source. Also, if you decide to link your email, you can use a fake one as well. Read more in our guide on how to sign up for Gmail or Yahoo with a virtual number.

Enter a fake Amazon number in the registration form

7. Then, go to your account on our website again and click on “Get SMS”. Afterward, copy the verification code from the corresponding column.

Receive a verification code to a fake number for Amazon

Besides, this method will suit you if you already have a profile on the marketplace mentioned but need extra ones for leaving comments, subscribing, or other marketing tricks.

In the end, we would also like to mention that, in addition to Amazon, we can help you get anonymous profiles on other Internet sources, like online stores, messengers, dating services, video hostings, etc. That is why be sure to carefully study the range of websites on our home page.

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