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How to get a fake Discord email easily, cheaply, and risk-free?

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Most users believe that Discord is a source created for gamers mainly. However, in fact, it is a convenient and fully functional communication platform for all sorts of communities: from scientific clubs to amateur sports teams. It allows texting, exchanging videos and other types of files, holding video streams, organizing group video calls. And the key exclusive feature of the service is that it provides premium connection at minimum traffic and memory consumption. As a result, one can both hang out with friends and play games (or use other software taking much space) simultaneously.

So, how to get access to this platform? The registration procedure there is standard. You must provide the basic information about yourself and verify your email address. In addition, it is advisable to link and confirm your mobile number right away. Note that you can avoid this stage, but the system will demand you to pass it in any case – a bit later. So, it looks like the best variant is to deal with all the verification procedures right after registration.

But there is a serious problem – most people do not want to share any personal information, including their contact numbers and electronic addresses, with any websites. The reason is simple – today, the risk of hacking attacks is extremely high.

The team of the online store Sms-man is well aware of these risks, that is why we have developed the service, which allows one pass registration on any website without disclosing any vulnerable data. Namely, we offer you to buy a virtual number and a fake email for Discord from $0,05. How does that work? We will provide you with a disposable number for any email service, which is convenient for you. Then, you will be able to enter this number in the sign-up form and receive a verification code to it. As a result, you will have a fully-featured anonymous electronic address, which you can use for signing up for Discord and other sources, as well as for managing the business or personal correspondence.

How to create a fake email and password for Discord with a virtual number?

How to create a fake email and password for Discord with a virtual number?

  1. Make a personal page at

Register on Sms-man to get a fake Discord verification email

2. Look through the price list on our main page and make the corresponding payment. Remember that you will also need a separate number for phone verification on Discord.

Make a deposit on Sms-man to buy a fake Discord email

3. Then, buy a virtual number for Discord and another one for the email source chosen. See the screenshot below to learn how to use our menu.

Buy a virtual number for a fake Discord email

4. Now, you can copy the disposable numbers chosen from your cabinet.

Copy a virtual number for a fake Discord email

5. Then, go and register a fake email that works for Discord. In practice, you can choose almost any email platform on the Web. Read our detailed tutorials on how to sign up for Yahoo, Gmail, Yandex.

6. After you get an email account, you can start your registration on Discord.

Register with a fake email for Discord

7. Choose the option “Register”.

Create a profile with a fake email for Discord

8. Enter the fake email for Discord, which you have created.

Enter a fake email that works for Discord and other registration data

9. For confirming it, you should go to the inbox, find a letter from Discord, and click on the button “Verify Email”.

Confirm the fake Discord verification email

10. Afterward, it is advisable to link a virtual number as well.

Add a virtual number to your Discord profile

11. Do not forget to check the country code chosen.

Use a disposable number for Discord verification

12. Receive the confirmation code in the tab “Request History” and enter it in the form on Discord.

Verify your temporary number for Discord registration

13. The system will also prompt you to confirm your action by entering your password.

Confirm adding a temporary number to Discord

As you can see, making a fake email and password for Discord will take you just a few minutes if you decide to turn to Sms-man. Rely on us, and we will help you use Internet services safely and privately.

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