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How to rent Gmail account for $0,08?

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Today, almost every Internet user has at least one account on an email service. Certainly, most people create such electronic inboxes for registering on varied websites in the first place. Sending emails is not so popular today. Instead, users communicate via messengers.

However, again, one cannot do without an email address. And one of the most popular choices is a profile on Gmail – the platform created by the globally famous IT giant Google. That is explained by the big name and long history of this company. Yet, the functionality of this email service is also kept up to the mark. As of now, it offers a full range of functions for receiving and sending varied correspondence and files. More to the point, Google is constantly introducing new updates and improvements to make its services as innovative and user-friendly as possible.

The biggest disadvantage most potential and existing users are worried about is obligatory phone verification. That is a widespread procedure, which is demanded by most online services. However, due to the risks of hacking attacks and data leakages, most users strive to avoid it by any means.

In the case of the email service mentioned, a popular solution is to search for Gmail rent legit offers. It seems to be a good idea in case one needs such a profile for a short period, for example, to send out a series of newsletters or to pass registration on a range of websites. However, a user should take into account that he will have to pay for such a service month after month, and a fee may be high enough.

In addition, if such profiles for rent attract the attention of the administration of the email service, they will probably get instantly blocked. You must know that every large platform has a security system, which is focused on tracking any suspicious activities performed by users. Obviously, renting accounts is a serious violation of the rules.

Besides, one should keep in mind that there is a significant risk to encounter a scammer and to spend money in vain. There is no guarantee that you will get access to a profile after sending a payment.

The team of our online store Sms-man is well aware of both a high demand for such services and all the related risks and difficulties. That is why we offer you an advantageous alternative – to buy a virtual number for signing up for Gmail from $0,08 and create an additional profile on this platform without any risks. Just make quick research, you will see that there are no Gmail for rent offers at such a low price.

How to use a virtual number to rent a Gmail?

How to use a virtual number to rent a Gmail?

  1. Sign up for our source to get access to our SMS activation services.

Make an account at to safely rent a Gmail

2. Send payment to get a disposable number.

Make a deposit at to get access to Gmail rent legit

3. On the home page, apply filters to select the most suitable number.

Buy a virtual number for Gmail rent legit

4. Copy the virtual number, which you can use for Gmail rent legit without violating the policy of the platform.

Copy a virtual number to rent Gmail account

5. Now, go to the email service and start the sign-up procedure. You must know that Google offers its potential users to create a single account for accessing all their services.

Pass registration for Gmail rent legit

6. In case you already have a profile on this platform or just want to protect your private data, invent the information for the form.

Fill in a registration form to get an account on Gmail for rent

7. Enter the number, which you have got from our store, and return to the tab “Request History” to receive the code.

Verify a number to receive Gmail for rent

8. After you copy a confirmation code, paste it into the verification form on Google.

Receive a verification code to rent Gmail account without risks

Please remember that our disposable numbers allow receiving one message with a code only. Afterward, our system blocks them automatically. However, you will preserve access to your new email account for an unlimited period.

Besides, be sure to turn to us in case you need to sign up for any other source, including YouTube, Instagram, Amazon.

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