How to make a fake Instagram profile?
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How to register a fake Instagram account?

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There are so many reasons why a user may need an Instagram fake profile. In most cases, such pages are created for inflating likes, subscribers, views, comments, etc.

Insta fake accounts are often used for advertising purposes as, in such cases, there is a high risk of being blocked. But many users create fake IG profiles just to protect their privacy when they do not want to disclose their personal data on the social network.

You should take into consideration that, to sign up for this source, you will have to validate your mobile number. The system will send an SMS with a code to it, and you will be required to enter this code in the special field on the social network.

Consequently, many users want to know how to get a fake Instagram profile if your phone number is already linked to another page? Buying new SIM cards is too costly, especially if you need many profiles. We will tell you about the optimal solution below.

How to make a fake profile Instagram?

At the store Sms-man, you can buy a virtual number and create a fake Instagram page from $0,10. Such a number will allow you to receive an SMS with an activation code and register on Instagram within just 2 minutes.


On our website, you can choose among mobile operators from Germany, Turkey, China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. You can select any country at your sole discretion. The distinctive feature of the Sms-man service is the cheap prices. That plays a crucial role when you need to register multiple accounts.

Buying a virtual number is very easy, the procedure does not involve identity verification. Below, we will explain how to make an Instagram fake profile with the help of the Sms-man service.

How to create fake Instagram account with a virtual number?

  1. Open and click on “Sign up”.

2. Enter the basic data in the form.

3. When the registration is completed, deposit your balance. Our source accepts payments in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency.

4. Go to the main page of our website. Find “Instagram” in the list of services and press “Buy”.

5. The next step is to copy the number purchased: open “Profile” – “Request History”.

6. Then go to and press “Sign up”.

7. Enter the number purchased in the first line. Fill in other lines. In the end, press “Sign up”

8. Indicate the date of birth. Press “Next”.

9. When Instagram sends you an SMS with a code, go back to the page “Request History” and click on “Get SMS”.

10. When the code is displayed in the SMS column, copy it and paste it into Instagram.


The sign-up procedure is finished. You can use your fake Instagram profile for any purpose without any restrictions. Besides, now you know how to create more accounts at the minimum expense if needed.

How to register a fake Instagram account?
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How to register a fake Instagram account?
Are you interested in how to open fake Instagram pages without buying extra SIM cards? Pass SMS verification for Instagram with a virtual number for $0,10 only.
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